California Uber Nichts

Posted on November 12, 2010


The bright spot in the whole Cali mess is Prop 20. There will be an independent (from the Legislature) commission doing the redistricting for everything but – obviously – the Governor and Senate seats. 5 Dems / 5 Repubs / 5 non affiliated. Beats having party hack consultants wheeling and dealing in that back smoky room. So maybe we’ll get competitive districts that aren’t challenger proof. Can’t possibly be any worse than it is now. Under such a scenario, one would assume that Lorretta Sanchez wouldn’t have a district with Anaheim, Santa Ana and Fullerton clustered together with all the Hispanolas they contain, with just Garden Grove and Westminster along for the meaningless ride.  

Hey, I’m crossing my fingers anyway. You know the process is going to look like a cage match- but that’s what we want for a change, some blood on the floor – not some high priced Democrat consultant throwing the ‘plan’ on the table and saying, “Well, here it is boyz – read it and weep”. That’s it , that’s the only exit strategy from this madness. 

[Editor’s update – as things turned out, the Democrats were able to shoehorn the very same consultants into the process and derail it.  Here in 2013, we now have a virtual one-party state in which the Democrats have the power to pass any kind of bizarre laws and raise taxes to their heart’s content.  This didn’t end well and my optimism was misplaced.]

Incidentally, it seems that other great thinkers are considering the ramifications of the sinking ship that is California – or as nutMeg Whitman pronounced it Cali-Forn-ya, fortunately with the emphasis on the last syllable. Dennis Prager writes an excellent piece here. For your convenience, I am also including his link on the blogroll, so you can bounce over to it after checking in here.