Resist and Replace

Posted on November 14, 2010


The topic of TSA passenger screening methods involving full body imaging scans and intrusive patdowns has been gaining the scrutiny and fervent objection of everyone from Pilots to Flight Attendants to travelers – and rightly so.  Yet, the TSA defends its behavior by denying the abusive nature of both the practices and the practitioners.  Worse, they use the pretense that subjecting Americans to humiliating violations of privacy is necessary to protect us from terrorists.  The following is an excerpt from a report yesterday from Reuters:

Some travelers are also livid about how children are being screened. During a trip last Sunday by a father and son through Orlando airport in Florida, the 8-year-old boy was selected for extra screening by TSA after going through the metal detector.

The father said the officer described the procedure before conducting it. Then he patted down the boy in the open security area, using the backside of his hands to check his genital area, he said.

“I didn’t think it was going to be as horrible as he was describing,” said the boy’s father, Bill, who works as a lobbyist in Washington and did not want his full name used.

“We spend my child’s whole life telling him that only mom, dad and a doctor can touch you in your private area, and now we have to add TSA agent and that’s just wrong,” he told Reuters. “At some point the terrorists have won.”

We’ve gone far enough with this that the terrorists have already accomplished their mission.  Anything further is just icing on the cake.  So many fallacies, so little time. First, we get that there are terrorists.  Don’t insult our intelligence.  We should  be angry at the DHS and the TSA for perpetrating a nonsensical farce on our citizens and adding insult to injury by subjecting them to acts which are a gross violation of civil rights and would in any other context be viewed as unlawful.  There is no logical reason to conduct ‘Airline Security’ in such an inefficient, ineffective and abusive manner.

Some might say, “Well, you’re so smart – do you know a better way to do it?”.  First, how smart I am or not has nothing to do with what’s proper and improper, what works and doesn’t work.  But since you asked, yes – there is a better way to conduct airline security and promote passenger safety.  Come back tomorrow and I’ll outline it for you along with a plea for a return to sanity with regard to the whole approach to this serious issue.  Meanwhile  here and here are some links that illustrate the abusiveness and incompetency of ‘Government Flight Security’ as carried out by the rocket surgeons at the TSA.