Knowledge is Power

Posted on November 29, 2010



It’s always interesting to me that in the minds of so many in politics and the media, the main objective is to maintain a shroud of secrecy around the workings of Government, because the citizenry is completely incapable of drawing a reasonable and sensible conclusion from the truth that is being hidden from them.  I’m going to step out on a dry branch here and express a contrarian notion with regards to the Wikileaks controversy.  I disagree with all the hysterical pronouncements of both political parties that what is being revealed via Wikileaks is threatening to our country’s interests and security.  What is being threatened is the assumed privilege of public servants to operate in a grossly incompetent manner while the facts are kept hidden in a locked file.

I don’t think that the people raging about the public dissemination of amateurish behavior in the State Department and elsewhere, are concerned so much about world opinion and impediments to diplomacy.  I think the real concern is the U.S. Government’s inability to keep its dirty laundry out of the eyes of the American public.  Again this gets back to the ‘gentleman’s agreement’ among insiders – including the establishment press, that only ‘infotainment’ stories are released for public consumption.

Well – now someone is opting out of that agreement and the franchise is screaming ‘foul’.  Sorry, I don’t agree.  I think the manipulative behavior of our Government, acting in the interests of the elite and powerful is something that needs the disinfecting of Sunlight, rather than pushing it under the rug.  Naturally it is in the interests of a privileged few to keep the incompetence and malfeasance under wraps, but it is in our best interests to find them out.  After all, last time I checked – we pay the bill.

That’s my opinion – what say you?