The Anti ‘Blasted Fool’

Posted on December 24, 2010


Sometimes it is appropriate to recognize people who are the diametric opposite of a ‘Blasted Fool’.  In fact, it would be hypocritical to not give Mega Props, when someone stands out so clearly as an example of what the right thing is and doing it.  That person in this instance, is new Notre Dame Head football Coach, Brian Kelly.  I’ll admit I’m not a ‘Domer’ fan of any kind – but a common sense take charge, take responsibility guy like Coach Kelly ? – I’m definitely a fan.  So many times you hear of something horrible happening and you hear people expressing regret and sorrow, and I often think – “Why didn’t you care enough to try to prevent it from happening?”.  That’s the kind of guy this is – a kind of “Not on MY watch” kind of stand up guy.  He’s thinking, “These kids parents are expecting me to act as a surrogate, not a ‘buddy’ or a ‘pal’.  And equally he knows there is nothing in that crap hole that any of them needs to see or do that is worth ‘getting a souvenir’ or getting murdered.  I don’t think I need to spell out for you what the phrase ‘getting a souvenir’ refers to.

So, should it ever be said, “You only bitch and gripe and never praise anything”, show them this post.

Irish won’t be fighting across the border on Brian Kelly’s watch

By Matt Hinton

I don’t know if Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly is a fan of journalist Charles Bowden’s dogged, illuminating work on the subject, but you don’t exactly have to be plugged into humanitarian reading lists at this point to know that Juarez, Mexico, is probably the last place on earth you want to find yourself. The city just counted its 3,000th murder of 2010, making this the deadliest year in its already bloody history. It is not the place to make a quick hop for tequila with the locals.

Kelly knows this. But just in case any of the testosterone-fueled adolescents under his watch during this week’s stay in El Paso for Notre Dame’s upcoming Sun Bowl date with Miami happen to get a little adventurous so close to the border, he’s taken the extra step of confiscating their traveling papers. Per the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette:

Kelly is also making sure there is no chance his players will wander into Juarez, Mexico, which is plagued by drug-related murders, by taking their passports.

“That’s serious. Don’t go over the border, or you may not come back, simply,” Kelly said. “Now I know El Paso is the safest city in the country, but it’s serious. This isn’t, ‘Hey, let’s give it a shot, guys, and jump in the car and see what it’s like.’ You can’t go there, or nobody is going to be able to help you. There’s just been too much turmoil. … You take the passports, they can’t get back. These guys are smart enough to know that.”

The Journal Gazette also published travel tips from U.S. Border and Customs Protection, which reminds fans of both teams that “there are a number of border crossing requirements they need to be aware before venturing across the international boundary,” by which it really means “YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN IF YOU CROSS THAT LINE, COWBOY.”

Kelly’s right, though, El Paso is totally safe. Maybe the teams can make it up to the missile range while they’re in town?

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