Class Warfare and A$$ Warfare

Posted on December 26, 2010


OK, back to business as usual. Back to the grim but rewarding task of calling out and exposing Blasted Fools for the empty suits that they are. A friend shared a letter to the editor recently published in the Pasadena Star News in which a right thinking American ticked off a handful of facts in rebuttal to Democrat Representative Judy Chu’s contention that the best approach to balancing the budget is to increase the burden on the rich.

The writer excoriated her for risking a devastating increase for working class and middle class Americans whose backs are against the wall as it is.   It (the letter) is good so far as it goes, but it doesn’t solve the real problem with regard to the tactics of Judy and the rest of her ilk.

The heart of the issue is a struggle for the hearts and minds of the American middle – the non-politicals, who just want our country to get back on its feet again and return to prosperity.  The Democrats believe they will eventually achieve a virtual single party status by virtue of two gambits.  One, which we recently discussed, is the effort to degrade the integrity of the voting process in this country and at the same time organically increase the number of potential ‘voters’ whose natural inclinations run strongly in the direction of Democratic politics.  The second key gambit I refer to is the unrelenting drumbeat of class warfare.  Judy and her peers know that they cannot win an argument really of any kind, much less the taxation argument  –  on the merits of facts.

So, the more convenient option is to resort to base emotional appeals.  To sum it up rather crudely – “Your life is S&%T and you don’t have everything you want because of the rich”.   It’s simple, it’s powerful and it’s been used before – successfully.  It is a cynical rallying cry to inspire a mob.  A violent mob in this case, may not be necessary, but at the very least, a mob of persons who believe that everything around them will be turned into a garden of Eden if they just follow the instructions of the pied pipers who care about them, know what’s best for them and are ‘looking out for the little guy’.

Can’t you just script this little melodrama in your mind?  You can because it is an old, tired script that has been read on stage by countless actors over the years.  This is a playbook that the Democrats go back to whenever they find themselves in a tough spot like the one they are in right now.   The potential for danger does not begin and end with fostering resentment against the well to do.  Once that carelessly thrown match finds some dry tinder, it can with ease blaze into an uncontrollable fire that can burn a whole lot more than just the mansion on the hill.

I’ll give you one example.  Obama, Reid and Pelosi have already told us that people with incomes as low as $250,000 should have more of their earnings confiscated.  Perhaps someone who works at WalMart thinks that everyone who has family income of $250 K (on paper at least), is rolling in it – but as you and I know, that is a distorted notion at best.  Many folks who are struggling to keep their businesses afloat do not have liquid assets that they have ready access to, but fit into this clumsy and deceptive picture the Democrats seem to think of as brilliant art.

Many of the supposed ‘upwardly mobile’ are just one bad fiscal quarter away from having to let the employees go, move out of the building and become another statistic of Obamanomics.   Push them completely over the cliff with higher taxes and watch our economy continue to bleed jobs and dreams.  We have to put the question to that segment of the public that still hasn’t drank the ‘purple drank’, “Is another Unemployment check and free healthcare the most you aspire to?” “Can’t we do better than government dependency?”

What’s dangerous about the script is that it does have a natural appeal to the lowest common denominator in our society – those who the left have striven to keep ignorant, those who haven’t the skills to apply reason to this absurd fallacy.  The fallacy I refer to as being the one mentioned before – the ‘Rich’ are holding out on us.  Two clear and powerful counter-arguments have to be driven home to blunt the impact of this fallacy.  One is that increasing taxes on the ‘Rich’ has never created a new job or produced a net increase in revenues to the government.  Really important for those who want jobs and even those who don’t.

For those who don’t and simply are led to see wealthy people as a never ending tap for more ‘bennies’ – it has to be demonstrated that there is only so much water in that well and that Big Government and its agencies, bureaucrats and drones are in line in front of them.  For those who want jobs, it has to be driven home that investors and small business people / entrepreneurs as a ‘class’ are the engines of jobs and prosperity and no matter how envious you may feel about them, you’re better off wanting to be like them and hence cheer them on instead of throwing obstacles in their path.

Our problem not just as ‘conservatives’, but as thinking persons who are concerned about where the country is going, is that what I’ve just summarized to the best of my ability is not a soundbite, a slogan or a catchy talking point.  You can’t fit it on a poster to hoist at a Tea Party rally.   We’re going to have to look for a creative solution to that problem.  Sarah Palin may or may not be the ultimate fit for the GOP’s next Presidential nominee, but I will tell you this – it is going to have to be someone who can connect with the American people on a more visceral level and punch home a simplified message of the kind of economic policy that will put this country back on track.

Someone who can reduce the concept of ‘a rising tide lifts all ships’ to the intellectual grasp of the average ‘American Idol’ viewer.   Pardon me for saying, I don’t think that’s going to be Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney.  Who will be a standard bearer for 2012 is really another subject all together and I don’t want to get into it right at the moment, but one thing Obama has proven, is that if you have an agenda for any kind of change – you can’t get there by talking over people’s heads in a professorial manner.  For this job I need a Yogi Berra, not a Dennis Miller – a Rocky Balboa, not a William Buckley Jr.

Oh, and one more thing – keep up the mindless chatter, Miss Judy and you will be in for a good ‘Donkey’ Chu-ing!