Suenos de California? – No se puede

Posted on January 1, 2011


In this year’s 122nd annual Rose Bowl parade, the city of Sierra Madre and the Sierra Madre Float Association entered the sweepstakes once again with a Hispanic themed float dubbed ‘Suenos de California’.   Although it was put forth as a depiction of ‘Mission-era California’, the real perceived meaning, subliminal or otherwise, is the reversion of this state to the ethnic and cultural domination of the Latino culture and racial demographic.   Here’s how the Sierra Madre Float Association describes the float and its theme:

“The theme of the 2011 tournament of Roses Parade is “Building Dreams, Friendships and Memories.” Sierra Madre’s entry is titles “Sueños de California,” which translates to “Dreams of California.” The design highlights California’s Latino heritage by remembering the pioneers who built our Golden State.

At the front of the float a burro draws a cart laden with produce to market. Magnificent monarch butterflies flutter overhead, alighting on Mission San Carlos Borromeo. Señoritas gather by a glistening fountain in a courtyard blooming with bougainvillea, saguaro, prickly pear and citrus trees. Colorful folk dancers perform alongside.”

What seemed equally notable and very symbolic about the float and its theme was the sequence of mishaps that the float encountered in its excursion down Colorado Boulevard.   Here, the Sierra Madre ‘Patch’ describes the ordeal in a upbeat manner:

“Despite the fact that there were no signs of technical difficulties during the long trek to Pasadena Friday evening, the float suffered a mechanical failure in Old Town Pasadena on parade day just as it began to move northward on Orange Grove Boulevard. The stall occurred right before the start of the nationally televised intersection of Orange Grove and Colorado, forcing the parade to a full halt at 9:15 a.m. on New Year’s Day.    The parade resumed shortly thereafter when an Automobile Club of Southern California tow truck was called into service to tow the float through Pasadena along the five-mile parade route.”

Parade watchers report that the twirling ‘Senoritas’ struggled to maintain their graceful spectacle in attempting to match the pace of the tow truck which had to be hitched to the float to resume its course down the parade route.   The float breakdown caused a lengthy delay in the parade proceedings.

What seems ironic to me and to others I’ve heard from that witnessed this misadventure is that there is strong symbolism to what occurred.    We are constantly bombarded by the incessant drumbeat of ‘Hispanic Heritage’ and ‘Latino Pride’ and statements like those of nutMeg Whitman in her crash and burn campaign for Governor, “Latino children are our future”.    Sadly though, it is the washout of the parade float that exposes the ‘California Dreams’ for their real significance.

This state is breaking down, among other reasons, because we’re being overrun by an excess of  social refugees from a failed, Third World state and our fragile economy is sinking under the weight of all of it.  The low-skilled and educationally handicapped Illegal immigrants and their children have as much difficulty keeping up with the pace of America, as the festive dancers have in keeping up with the float when it is not operating at the leisurely pace engineered by its designers.   At the same time they are slowing our educational system with devastating results.   If California is anything at this point, it is that float.   Will there be a tow truck there to render assistance to the Golden State in its death throws?

Sweet California Dreams.