Guess Hu’s Coming to Dinner?

Posted on January 20, 2011


Sorry, y’all but my nasty streak is back.    Hu Jintao is the quintessential Blasted Fool.  He is a dictator – no matter the Harry Reid (Hairy Reems) retraction.   Jeez, Harry Reid can’t even have a truthful moment and stick with it.  Disgusting.  Then we come to a whole series of Blasted Fools.  This is like a Blasted Fool Cornucopia – a veritable Smorgasbord of Blasted Fools.

The appetizer will be BraBra Streisand – what a crazy old, tedious and insufferable witch with a B.   What’s the deal with James Brolin?  How can the guy stand living with her?   She drags him down to the local Cineplex in Malibu and strolls up to the ticket window and asks for her VIP Movie passes (inotherwords FREE), and the manager comes out to see if this is a joke of some kind and sure enough Queen Streisand shamelessly requests free tickets – because she’s what?  –  A Hollywood Idiot has been?    You know in my ‘about’ section, I promised to throw down on buffoon Hollywood cretins – so this post gives me a perfect opportunity to do so.   But I’m not done yet.

Next on the menu is Jackie Chan.  He’s the salad.  What a fraud.  He’s now a tool of the Communist Party machine in China and seemingly has no reluctance swinging from their balls.   And what, I guess he’s on such warm and familiar terms with Hu and Party, that a tie is not necessary?   I really enjoyed the guy’s movies and his incredible talent, but he’s another joke in real life like Ahhhhhhnold, the Dumbinator.

Next comes the Franks n’ Beans – Clinton and Carter.  Clinton is at least a shrewd and greasy Son of a Bitch and if I needed to put someone on the job to steal something from the ChiComs, I’d hire him to do it in a heartbeat.  Carter?  Heaven knows how we even survived 4 years of his horrendous term in the Oval Orifice.  He’s pathetically clueless, but what else is new as far as that goes.

Michelle, who pushed her husband into the Presidency, who is unqualified to be POTUS in every conceivable way – is another of the entrees, I’m not quite sure witch.  That was intentional.  Deliberate Miss Spelling is part of my writing style, but I undress – digress, excuse me.   She isn’t in it for anything but the spree, but she does feel duty bound to pontificate to us about how grossly and morbidly obese we are.  Well, I am – but that doesn’t mean that skinny bitch ought to think she has the right to harp on it constantly.   Look – why do you think B.O. smokes?  She nags the shi – crap out of him.  I’ve got to watch my language I know that me being Peter Griffin, I am a role model to the children.  O.K. I’ve talked about Michelle more than my weak constitution can handle – excuse me, I gotta grab a flight sickness bag here or some Emetrol.   If you ever get extremely nauseated, grab some of the stuff – it works wonders.

The only other gripe – cause I just find the whole affair repulsive, is my deep regret that Obama broke out some of our beloved California wine for that murdering little bastard, Hu.   I  can’t really comment or even imply what I’d like to have put in that wine on account of the NSA’s Echelon intercepts, but suffice to say, I’m not down with kissing Mr. ChiCom’s yellow butt.

Hu’s your daddy!


WASHINGTON (AFP) – Action star Jackie Chan and pop diva Barbra Streisand topped a guest list including three presidents and political and media elites at a US state dinner for Chinese President Hu Jintao Wednesday.

At the request of the Chinese side, the menu for the dinner honoring Hu, after a day of frank talks at the White House, was quintessentially American fare, such as poached Maine lobster and dry-aged rib eye with creamed spinach.

And nothing could be more American than the old fashioned apple pie offered as dessert in a final flourish for a meal washed down with a selection of wines from California and Washington state.

Hu, wearing a business suit, posed with President Barack Obama, in black tie, and First Lady Michelle Obama, who was wearing a flowing red and black off-the-shoulder dress, after arriving at the North Portico of the White House.

On the list of 225 guests for Obama’s third state dinner were his two predecessors as Democratic presidents, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. Previous events honored the Indian and Mexican leaders.

Henry Kissinger, the Nixon-era national security adviser and secretary of state who played key role in forging relations with communist China, was also invited.

Guests from the art world and the media included cellist Yo Yo Ma, whose parents were ethnic Chinese, and Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine.

Wendi Deng, the wife of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, showed up without her husband, who she said was traveling.

After-dinner entertainment was to be provided by Herbie Hancock and Chinese classical pianist Lang Lang.

Several important Washington powerplayers who would have normally been expected at a state dinner turned down invitations amid anger on Capitol Hill over China’s human rights record and economic policies.

Senate Democratic Majority leader Harry Reid, Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Republican House Speaker John Boehner — now the third-ranking US elected official — all chose not to attend.

But former speaker Nancy Pelosi, who now leads the Democratic House minority, was on the guest list, despite her history of fierce denunciations of China’s human rights record.

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