The Inhofe Supremacy

Posted on February 19, 2011



These people just have no perspective on the critical issues facing our nation and the world.  Of course, when this clown Mark Hertzgaard lies about his affiliation with Politico right out of the starting gate, it does give you a little bit of insight into the psychotic impulses of this obsessed bunch of oxygen usurpers.  And then this little chickie-pooh Allie Carter, who has been programmed like a little ‘Climate bot’ by her profs at Michigan State is quite the intellectual.   She was waiting for Mark Hertzgaard to body slam Senator Inhofe and then commence the tag-team wrestling shift.  Instead, Hertzgaard gets nothing and now it is her turn to repeat her little pre-rehearsed babble.   Inhofe goes Hulkster on that and then we see the complete deer in the headlights from Ms. Climate activist who evidently is sucking off foundation money at some bogus outfit in D.C. called the ‘Alliance for Climate Protection’.   WTF?  Alliance for Climate Protection? – what kind of meaningless mind fornication nonsense is that?

These people are just amazing.  They make Don Quixote look like a pragmatist.  They make Chicken Little seem like the voice of reason by contrast.  Of course when you can’t sustain an argument by virtue of facts and deductive reasoning, the go-to card is fake sentimentality.   Apologize to someone’s children? ?   The only apology Senator Inhofe owes to anyone’s children or grandchildren is his own, for even wasting 5 minutes of his precious time on people whose obsessions have become exposed as politically driven quackery.

We have real problems to deal with.  Crushing debt and deficits; a failed, crime infested state on our open borders, tyrants acquiring nukes, nations teetering on the brink of Islamic theocracy, millions of unemployed Americans, Unions fighting beyond all reason and respectability to perpetuate the insolvency of state governments.  But all of these pale in comparison to these people’s irrational desire to tax us into oblivion and drive even more jobs to countries that don’t give a flea’s toenail about pollution or ‘man made global warming’.  Sure, I get it…NOT!

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