The Handiwork of Hate

Posted on March 6, 2011


Perhaps some of you have seen this footage.  I consider it likely that most Americans of our generation and after – have not.  Yet it is surprising that they haven’t.  I was surprised to see that there were no direct search responses on the internet when I put in the search words ‘Lest We Forget’.  I learned about this from a book I was reading that mentioned that a war time film crew from Warner Bros under the aegis of the Air Force went over to Germany just as the Americans were liberating the concentration camps.  They filmed Buchenwald and Bergen-Belsen.  It appears that this copy had been dinged around a little bit by someone who had gotten caught up with colorization mania – but that’s a trivial observation.   I had do my world-renown internet sleuthing techniques to trace this film down.  A shame really.  I think we should have been shown this in History class in High School – it would have purged some of the foolishness out of me, for one.

When this was screened for a select audience in the Pentagon in 1945, many could not watch the whole film and some became ill.  I’m not going to treat you like babies and warn you of anything here.  I did feel an ache in my heart to see the clear evidence of what one human being is capable of doing to another.  In my estimation, the world has not changed materially since then.  The holocausts are going on – virtually on a weekly basis.  Would anyone deny that what happened in Cambodia wasn’t a repeat of this?  Kosovo? Rwanda? the Sudan?  Iraq? China? North Korea?   Other than the pre-meditated aspect of some of the cruelty depicted in this film – is what Khaddafi is doing in Libya materially anything other than a holocaust – at least with respect to the bombing and shooting of his country’s civilian population?  So, nice as it would be to say that this closed a chapter in the history of the world – I have to regretfully disagree.  And the United Nations – ‘the last great hope for Humanity’?  What a sad joke that is.  I’d classify them as passive observers in the majority of instances.

This film also brings to mind another aspect of today’s society that angers me.  The trivialization of Hate.  We now have loud voices with vacuous intellects prattling on incessantly about ‘hate speech’ this, or ‘hate free zones’, etc.  I say to them, “How DARE you make a mockery of the cruel treatment and murder of human beings by conflating these terms with a mere disagreement you have about politics with someone else!!!!!!!!!”