Unions 4 Dummies

Posted on March 14, 2011


Here’s a new teaching tool for all of you frustrated Conservatives with Liberal Democrat Progressive ‘Children’ in your class that are just so difficult when it comes to getting them to study reality.  Today’s civics lesson is broken down in such a manner that it is even accessible for LDL’s (Learning Disabled Liberals) – that’s kind of a redundancy, isn’t it?

Well anyway, I know that teaching ‘Red Diaper / Doper Babies’ is quite a challenge – but if you can somehow find a way to keep them from fidgeting, throwing things, whining about having to go potty or get a drink of water – well, you know how kids are.

Democrats are just tough to educate these days.  They have bad parents for one thing.  I’ll be in the middle of a lesson and Mrs. Jackson-Lee will bust through the door screaming about the curriculum all the while calling me a Mother F%#ker.   Frankly, I don’t know how that fat ass of hers makes it through the door.

Mr. Obama feels that we aren’t reinforcing his family values of spreading the wealth around.  Then there’s  Mr. Keith Ellison.  At the last Parent / Teacher meeting he was crying convulsively about the shortage of Korans in the classroom and the decision by the school board to not mandate Madrassa instructions after school.

Ms. Pelosi is most difficult.  I found it impossible to get her to understand that her daughter would have to attend Summer session, what with all of the class time she lost flying around in that Air Force jet with Mommy Dearest.

You know what though?  Even though my job is so hard and so unrewarding as a teacher to ‘special needs’ (can’t say ‘tarded’) leftie wingnutz – I am going to forego my salary raise, my increased pension and Cadillac healthcare plan – for the sake of ‘education’.

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