See No Evil

Posted on April 1, 2011


    The Demoncats are so committed to their script and the destruction of our way of life that they cannot bring themselves to admit the dangers and the evil we face from the enemy within.

Jackie Speier would have been a disinterested onlooker during the Holocaust.   “Oh, there’s a bunch of Jews and Christians being gassed? – That’s an interesting story, but not very relevant.    Yes, I understand you lost a family member, but that doesn’t make you an expert.   We want to call in some ‘experts’ that have no clue or regard to the danger involved and have a nice schmoozy, relationship with the public relations spokesholes of the domestic extremists.   At this time, I’d like to call Sheriff Lee Baca, the only ‘law enforcement’ official that’s had enough pixie dust sprinkled in his eyes as to be completely inured to the threat of Jihadism in America.   We requested Sheriff Dupe-nik of Pima County, but he had scheduling conflicts.”

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