Abandon all Hope

Posted on April 20, 2011


Here’s a fun little item for all the pathetic and lost progressives out there who are so programmed to self destruct that they can’t get enough of their obsession for oblivion.   The ‘Poetry Magnet’ for the dedicated followers of foolishness is among the moronic trinkets available from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.   What would a sane person need to put something this idiotic on a refrigerator for anyway?    Is it so that if a conservative breaks into their townhome apartment while they are gone, it would essentially warn the intruder that there is nothing in the fridge but lite beer, white wine, brie cheese and tofu?

Notice the typical warning signs of a personality disorder that has completely crossed the boundaries of even mere cognitive dissonance into the realm of  temporal disintegration of visual perception so often associated with schizophrenic disorder.    To put it in layman’s terms, the Democrat who has chug-a-lugged so much leftist Kool Aid that his native abilities of rational thought and reason have left him or her on a desert island of incoherent delusions about objective truth and reality will find the mind fornication of this hodgepodge extremely compelling.  That would include an ever growing percentage of what the Democrat party defines as it’s ‘base’.   Excuse me, but isn’t this the type of thing that serial murderers typically use to taunt the media and the police when something inside their tortured psyche wants to leave clues behind at the crime scene?  I’m just saying.    Looks like they have a Cialis gone haywire hard on for Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin.  Those two must be touching some frayed nerves out there.

Democratic Fridge Poetry Magnet

Everybody congregates in the Kitchen, right?      Here’s something to keep them busy. The DSCC’s Fridge Poetry Magnet. Each large magnet is divided into 55 small magnets featuring a word. See how you can combine words including “Tea Party,” “Sarah Palin” and “Wrong” to make your own political statement.

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