Civility is for Losers

Posted on April 29, 2011


You know that I have been informally discussing the merits of the potential and as yet undeclared candidacy of one Donald Trump for a while now.  While I think that very few conservatives  (and I include myself), have settled on a favorite for 2012, there are some characteristics about Trump that appeal to me.   Not the least among them is the tone of his discourse with the legacy media.   I don’t need to remind you that the Legacy Media is outright hostile to conservatives.  If any of you happened to catch even just the audio of his press conference in the immediate aftermath of the release of Obama’s ostensible Birth records, you witnessed the journalistic equivalent of a blood thirsty pack of wolves.  They now openly despise this man for calling Obama out on his illegitimacy, his disastrous performance as President and his meager qualifications to lead this country anywhere much less as Commander in Chief.

This same bunch of foaming at the mouth, pitchfork and torch carrying  media thugs are the same bunch that attend White House Press Corp briefings and purr like pussycats at every spin, every evasion and every piece of nutritionally deficient kibble thrown their way by whatever ‘spokeshole’ the President happens to be assigning the job of handing us a bag of poop.   They march satisfyingly away with nothing that even remotely resembles a candid and forthright response and tell themselves that they are reporters, journalists, what have you.  They are not.  They are hacks who are assigned the responsibility of colluding with the Obama regime and the socialist agenda of the Democrat Party to withhold the vital information you and I need in order to be properly informed as citizens.

That’s O.K.  I have no problem with it, except for the insulting nature of the Kabuki Theatre.  Actually that is an insult to Kabuki Theatre.  When we go to see Kabuki, we want to see it and there is good entertainment in it.  When the media does it’s little stupid and sad charade it is insulting to us.  Anyway, I digress slightly.  The point is that where ever Trump has appeared, whether it be the ‘Today’ show or the ‘View’ or any number of other venues, he has been subjected to a level of aggressive questioning verging on combative that is absolutely never displayed to a public figure with which the liberal media is in solidarity with.

Having pointed that out merely to highlight the rampant hypocrisy of the media, by no means do I feel sorry for the Donald.  This kind of scurrilous treatment of Mr. Trump has brought an interesting facet of his character to the forefront which I think is very valuable for the American public to witness.   Donald Trump is a bare knuckles fighter who has enough personal self-respect to not take the kind of crap that other mealy mouth conservatives roll over and play dead for.  Donald Trump is like the kid whose father finds out that he got roughed up a little bit on the way home from school and tells him, “So help me God, if I ever here that you don’t stand up to them and give them the whupping of their lives, I’ll beat the holy hell out of you myself!”   Been there, done that by the way.   Look at the demeanor and the body language of this guy.  Would you ever even dream of trying to intimidate him in a business meeting?  Not me,  brother.   When interviewers like Meridith Viera try to interrupt or talk over him, he holds his arm out in a gesture of STFU, I’m talking now and I’m going to make my point and you are going to zip it until I’m finished.  Man, I want to stand up and do the Funky Chicken.  That excites me more than Kobe Bryant slamming down a dunk from coast to coast against the other team with extreme prejudice – and that’s saying a lot because Kobe is a monster.   Donald is the Kobe Bryant of the current crop of presidential timber.   Try to bully him or catch him flatfooted – not going to happen.   And Trump knows how to express plain truths in a way that flies over the talking heads, but registers with Joe Sixpack.

Yes, of course, the pollsters persist in finding a segment of the population – some women particularly, who prefer their politicians to be Casper Milktoasts and give the labor unions and other Democrat Party special interest groups everything their mother lovin’ little hearts desire – but let’s be realistic; the days of being everything to every body has passed.  We had a bellyful of that with eight years of ‘W’ and add up the results for yourself.   John McCain tried to ‘play nice’ and he got clowned.  The ‘Big Tent’ is more like a condom about to rupture.  Our enemies are pushing us into our grave while we compromise with them, looking for ‘common ground’.  ‘Go along to get along will net you tire tracks all across your back.

Another shining example of the kind of no holds barred streetfighting Political Martial Arts dojo master is Congressman (Lt. Col) Allen West.   He handles progressive pin-heads like Shawn Michaels.  Nothing like a little verbal ‘Sweet Chin Music’ to put these Marxist clowns where they need to be  – flat on their backs.  He understands what a lot of the milk toast bunch within the ranks of the GOP don’t understand.  This is WAR – not a pillow fight!  The American people react favorably when someone has backbone enough to punctuate his beliefs with a little conviction, a little moral certainty, a little machismo.  If we are to survive the progressive mission of destruction underway in this country, we’re going to need more Donald Trumps and Col. Wests.  We’re going to need a Savage Nation, not ‘Morning Joe’.  I actually should call him ‘Morning Josephine’ – what a disgrace he’s become.  I don’t even want to get started on that.

Bottom line, remember when I said that Blasted Fools is not for the limp wristed or delicate  of sensibilities.   I meant it then and I mean it now.   Be polite in your business and personal dealings, but when you’re dealing with Maoist hooligans, take the damn gloves off!