Hank the Useful Idiot

Posted on June 2, 2011


I could have just as easily named this blog ‘Useful Idiots’ as I did Blasted Fools.  I think Hank Kissinger qualifies for either pejorative.   Iconic photo there – don’t you think?  It looks like one of those photos that ‘Mr. Phelps’ on the old Mission Impossible show used to hand to his team of saboteurs to identify a menace to the free world.   I believe the term was originally coined by Vladimir Lenin – the full expression ‘Useful Idiots of the West’ –  to describe the dopes in America and Europe who were naively supporting the master plan of the collectivist state of the Soviets.   Reporters, Journalists, Academicians, Politicians, ‘liberals’ and others who romanticized the socialist wonderland that Russia was being transformed into.  But over the course of years, another specie of  ‘Quatschkopf Gevasen’ or Silly Ass person came into full maturity – the deluded egg-head, upper echelon policy makers in the State Department aka ‘Foggy Bottom’.

With ‘Foggy Bottom’, there is no limit to the depth or the fog.   America has a long standing tradition of propping up totalitarian regimes.  Of course, the essential facts of this are so deeply sequestered, that outside of scholarly research, the average American is almost completely unaware of the treachery that was and is to this day at work in the corridors of power sometimes referred to as the ‘Shadow Government’.  It is a documented fact that Wall Street bankers, along with their International counterparts, financed the creation of the Soviet Union and came to its rescue in the early thirties when at one point, the whole sick mess stood at the brink of dissolving entirely.  I would suggest that this was what was meant by Lenin when he said that we would furnish the shovels with which the CCCP would bury us with.  Wall Street financial titans, including the Vanderlips, Harrimans and Rockerfellers rushed to the aid of the Soviets with large infusions of credit.

Herbert Hoover, not yet the disastrous President he would soon become,  shipped grain by the mega tons – thus providing an escape valve for the Communists.   Standard Oil built refineries in Russia as well, which was an enormous ‘stimulus’ package for the further growth, development and expansion of one of the most criminal tyrannies in history.  None of this is in any way a matter of speculation.   If you wish to dig into all of these and sundry more mountains of evidence of the collusion of useful idiots from the oligarchical class in the United States, you can read it all in detail in Professor Anthony Sutton of Stanford University’s book, ‘Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development, 1917 to 1933’.

We then could follow the patrician class of the Eastern Establishment of both political parties, Democrat and Republican through the entire history of the so-called ‘Cold War’ in which our Senior Diplomats, the Averell Harrimans, the John Foster Dulles’, the Dean Achesons’, et al, have consistently undermined the interests of America and other free nations by perpetuating policies of appeasement and permissiveness towards Communist expansion.

One of the greatest Useful Idiots in the history of our nation is a Republican President – Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Eisenhower was nearly as much a perfectly crafted political myth and a ‘Manchurian Candidate’ as is Obama in our time.  That’s another topic well beyond the scope of this article, but suffice to say that there is a significant body of documented, but generally suppressed evidence that Eisenhower was in no way anything that even remotely resembled a conservative, much less what we think of in general as embodying Republican values, i.e., limited government and promotion of freedom and liberty.  Eisenhower enthusiastically supported and orchestrated, from the American side, the forced ‘repatriation’ of tens of thousands of Russians, Ukrainians, Balts and other Eastern Europeans that the Soviets wanted to murder at the conclusion of World War II, because they feared that they would be ‘counter revolutionaries’.   The operation was called ‘Operation Keelhaul’ – a disgusting description of a despicably treacherous act.

Before we had Eisenhower, we had the ‘insider games’ of the FDR and the Truman administrations, where top administration officials with secret and not so secret affiliations with the Communist Party, were busily handing over Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Albania, Estonia and other nations to the control of the Soviets.  As has been said before – none of this happened by accident, or what people like to say now, ‘oops, my bad’ or ‘shit happens’.  No, all of this was expected and facilitated.  Why did we have to go to war with North Korea?  Because our Useful Idiots gave China away to Mao.

Which, in a roundabout way, brings me to Nixon – which brings me to Kissinger.  Kissinger, the architect of ‘peace without honor’ in the wake of the no-win war in Vietnam, perpetuated and escalated by Lyndon Baines Johnson, (proud owner of ‘Jumbo’), and continued by Richard Milhaus Nixon.  Kissinger is a fascinating piece of work, whose true background and activities during WWII and the post war period are shrouded in mystery and controversy.   We can gain insight into Kissinger and his worldview in some degree by the books he’s written and the statements he’s made.

But what is ultimately more revealing are the net outcomes of his activities.  I think it can be reasonably argued that in no instance where he has ever represented this country or advised a President, have we ever wound up on the positive side of the ledger.  Kissinger is a prototypical Useful Idiot.  He epitomizes and defines the term as well as anyone ever has.   The mans’ support of dictatorial regimes continues on unabated.

The most recent evidence of this is manifest in his book, ‘Henry Kissinger On China’.   In this book, he deliberately dances around the danger of the growing beast that is the expansion of both the PLA and the vicious attacks on anyone who could even be remotely considered a dissident by the ChiCom police network.  The corrupt ruling political class of China seem to be to Hank Kissinger’s eyes to be the model of the kind of iron fisted control of a population that he greatly admires.

This book is a sop to a growing threat to peace and freedom – much like that posed by the Soviet regime before Reagan let the air out its tires and precipitated the dismantling of the Berlin Wall – which was so beautifully symbolic of the collapse of the USSR.   The main difference as I see it, was that the Soviets weren’t stocking mega-stores in America with Russian made products.  While Kissinger’s book should be a stark warning of a growing Damocles Sword hanging over the head of the rest of the world, instead it is nothing more than a self – congratulatory waltz down memory lane.  Do I believe ‘Useful Idiots’ are truly stupid?  No – they are truly serpents.

Here is an interesting review of Kissinger’s book by James Mann in Slate magazine, if you want further details: