What’s that? It’s Zoe !

Posted on June 8, 2011


She’s a bit of a truck of a woman, isn’t she.  That is if she actually is a woman.   I’d maybe want to get a second opinion other than what the Wiki page for California Congresswoman? Zoe Lofgren, Democrat 16th Congressional District, claims as her gender.   Zoe, the female Water Buffalo in a pants suit,  is this week’s Blasted Fool and she looks like she might be a tough customer if you don’t see things her way.  I know that there are other looney tune parts of the United States, but I’ll nominate Northern California and more specifically, the Bay Area as a one-stop shop for all the kooks you could want and some more besides.    They love their elected representatives to be the wackiest of the whack and they re-elect them with the regularity of  the property tax bill.

Ms. Lofgren – (I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt), is taking issue with the Obama Administration on account of the Department of Homeland Security’s ‘Secure Communities’ program.   The program, is merely a lukewarm effort to demonstrate some level of activity in identifying Illegal Aliens who have been arrested by local police authorities and consequentially arranging for their deportation upon release from county and state prisons.  But even if the gesture is embarrassingly modest in scope, I still think it is a worthwhile baby step in the direction of getting a handle on the illegal occupation force squatting in our nation.   I’d even be willing to settle for prioritizing the most serious of the felons for repatriation to their native casa and using E-Verify and workplace raids to handle the rest.   But, nooooooo say the Damnocrats and the no se puedes of the open borders organized crime advocates, (think ACLU, LaRaza, LULAC,  Movimento Estudiantil Chican de Aztlan, SEIU and the local Janitor’s Union).

The far left of America’s elected officials – which are now the mainstream of the Democrat party, are opposed to enforcement of immigration law and the consequential deportations.  Individuals who have broken our immigration laws and used that criminal act as a launching pad for yet more lawlessness, are entitled to stay in our country for as long as they please, according to these anarchists.  To use the word ‘lawmakers’ would be to abuse the term in describing them.  I heard that the argument – and this will kill you, is that 70 percent of the illegals in the jail system are only there for minor offenses.   That’s interesting – I’m not sure what is being termed ‘minor offenses’.  That’s kind of subjective, my public drunkenness is your minor offense.  Your disorderly conduct is my minor offense.  My identity theft is your minor offense.  Your PitBull or Cock Fighting is my…O.K. – I think I made the point.   People, I don’t think these ‘minor’ offenses are as benign as they would lead you to believe.  In most jurisdictions, if you jaywalk or spit on the sidewalk, you get a written citation and pay a fine – you do not land in jail.

But let’s set aside for a moment whatever the substance of the offenses of these troublemakers might be.  That leaves at least 30 percent of the remaining total, individuals with Serious offenses – in other words – felonies.   So, just to pursue some sadly incoherent notion of ‘social justice’, (I call it Mayhem), these progressive policy makers are willing to sacrifice us to the revolving door of recidivistic violent criminals?  Of course, a little imported murder, rape, child molestation, burglary, mayhem from drunken driving and so forth is merely a matter of trivia to the leftist loonatics.  I just wish that in the real world that you and I live in, that the toll in lives destroyed were more abstract.  But this is not a movie or a TV show or a video game.  It’s the nightmare that we have to face every day.  It is the roulette wheel or the Blackjack game we haven’t chosen to buy into.  There just is no getting through to these frauds – they are so driven by their ideology.

I don’t so much have a issue about men who resemble an Ostrich.  It’s just that Ostrichs themselves have the self awareness to hide their head in the sand – instead of tweet their junk on the internet.   I don’t have a particular problem with a woman whose face would make a Freight Train do a quick U-turn.  Hey, that’s just the card she’s been dealt, or the doctor was likkered up before the sex change, or whatever.   I just don’t want her taking her resentment out on the rest of us by rolling out the Welcome Wagon for the La Cucarachas and infecting our communities with the trash from a country that is on the brink of absolute collapse.  We have enough of our own human rubbish to manage – we don’t need any more of that brand of ‘diversity’.