The Bergers that eat the World

Posted on June 11, 2011


{Special Note:  I wrote this post last June (2011) and here we are again this year for Bilderberg 2012.  I offer this replay  ‘by popular demand’ for a limited time only.  I’ll be summing up some other thoughts I have regarding Bilderberg 2012 in a follow up post in a day or so, but in the meantime enjoy this.   Just one more quick note.  Although I made the point here that both political parties are by and large captives of the ‘Global Home Owners’ Association’ or the puppetmasters otherwise known as Bilderbergs – I am not suggesting that you conservatives squander your vote in November on a ‘protest’ vote.  What I will repeat here is that you at least have some influence on a first term President.  You have zero influence on a lame duck.}
The powerful elites that plan what goes up and what comes down and what will shape many aspects of your life, like to settle in for cozy, private discussions.  You’re on a need to know basis and well…you don’t need to know.   They know what’s best for you, Mr. Blue.   Sunshine may be the best disinfectant but is anathema to these cockroaches.   That is precisely why they meet together without the inconvenience of journalists and reporters buzzing around writing down notes.
To drill down a little further, it must be also understood that little of vital interest is disseminated during the ‘plenary sessions’ at these conferences.   The real business is done in break out sessions when the footsoldiers of the New World Order ‘talk among themselves’ in smaller groups.    There are plenty of places on the web where you can learn more about the secret societies, all of which have some overlap with each other for practical purposes.  Prison Planet is one interesting site that I link in the blog list below, but you can also search the keywords Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, The World Affairs Council and the Club of Rome.
These organizations consistently utilize the United Nations as a modality of their objectives.  One of the current initiatives – and probably the most important to your future is the effort underway known as the ‘United Nations Gun Ban Treaty’.  England and Australia have  been among the most recent Western nations to outlaw private gun ownership rights and the United States is the next bullseye in their sights.
There is an incredible irony in the fact that the Bilderberg group are meeting this year in a country with the most robust personal firearm rights of any nation on the face of the planet.  It’s not an irony, however, that the Swiss are deeply suspicious of this group of world planners and are making heroic efforts to expose the activities of their guests.  I know there are a lot of mentally imbalanced and hyper-paranoid individuals who make ‘conspiracies’ their constant obsession.  That is just as important to avoid as being someone who sleepwalks through the world while Rome is burning, chanting the mantra – “See No Evil, Hear No Evil”.
Our great nation was built one patriot at a time and our Constitution and the American way of life cannot be snuffed out if we refuse to allow it to be.  You can make a difference and it is not nearly the sacrifice that our fighting men and women in uniform made.  Maybe it is just taking a fraction of the time spent watching TV and Sports and telling an elected official – “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” 
Thank you Howard Beale.  Incidentally, included in the below list are three names which will come as no particular surprise.   One of them, Henry Kissinger, I highlighted in a recent post.  David Rockefeller is thought to be the ‘Donald Trump’ of globalism and the Presidents and Prime Ministers of nations around the planet, his ‘apprentices’.   The third name is Keith B. Alexander, the Director of the National Security Agency.
I’ve warned you before to follow the money.  I know a lot of you are excited about the next Presidential election cycle just now underway.   I can tell you with absolute certainty that the ruling class has already picked their ponies in the race – at least one in each of the two parties.   Your job is to be smart and vigilant and not be deceived.   Well meaning people, who have not yet given up on the fight for our Constitutional Republic and the beacon of freedom that once was the United States, can be easily seduced by candidates that are bought and paid for by the power hungry elites that want to carve you up like a roast Turkey at Thanksgiving.
The tendency is to look at the President, who currently serves their interests and assume that if a GOP Presidential contender walks and talks differently, that they can be trusted to go to Washington and clean house.   That’s what we were led to believe when the President that Obama replaced took charge of the White House in 2000.  With the exception of a few pieces of meat tossed here and there to throw us off the hunt, we found out otherwise – to our deep chagrin.
If you don’t want ‘buyer’s remorse’ this time around, you had best keep in mind that the people on the following list and hundreds more that sent them to the Bilderberg Conference in Switzerland to represent their interests – will pull out all the stops to put someone who represents their interests in the Oval Office.
Thanks to the fantastic work of Bilderberg activists, journalists and the Swiss media, we have now been able to obtain the full official list of 2011 Bilderberg attendees. Routinely, some members request that their names be kept off the roster so there will be additional Bilderbergers in attendance.
Infowars will be on the scene identifying other attendees not on the list.
  • Coene, Luc, Governor, National Bank of Belgium
  • Davignon, Etienne, Minister of State
  • Leysen, Thomas, Chairman, Umicore China
  • Fu, Ying, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Huang, Yiping, Professor of Economics, China Center for Economic Research, Peking University Denmark
  • Eldrup, Anders, CEO, DONG Energy
  • Federspiel, Ulrik, Vice President, Global Affairs, Haldor Topsøe A/S
  • Schütze, Peter, Member of the Executive Management, Nordea Bank AB Germany
  • Ackermann, Josef, Chairman of the Management Board and the Group Executive Committee, Deutsche Bank
  • Enders, Thomas, CEO, Airbus SAS
  • Löscher, Peter, President and CEO, Siemens AG
  • Nass, Matthias, Chief International Correspondent, Die Zeit
  • Steinbrück, Peer, Member of the Bundestag; Former Minister of Finance Finland
  • Apunen, Matti, Director, Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA
  • Johansson, Ole, Chairman, Confederation of the Finnish Industries EK
  • Ollila, Jorma, Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell
  • Pentikäinen, Mikael, Publisher and Senior Editor-in-Chief, Helsingin Sanomat France
  • Baverez, Nicolas, Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP
  • Bazire, Nicolas, Managing Director, Groupe Arnault /LVMH
  • Castries, Henri de, Chairman and CEO, AXA
  • Lévy, Maurice, Chairman and CEO, Publicis Groupe S.A.
  • Montbrial, Thierry de, President, French Institute for International Relations
  • Roy, Olivier, Professor of Social and Political Theory, European University Institute Great Britain
  • Agius, Marcus, Chairman, Barclays PLC
  • Flint, Douglas J., Group Chairman, HSBC Holdings
  • Kerr, John, Member, House of Lords; Deputy Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell
  • Lambert, Richard, Independent Non-Executive Director, Ernst & Young
  • Mandelson, Peter, Member, House of Lords; Chairman, Global Counsel
  • Micklethwait, John, Editor-in-Chief, The Economist
  • Osborne, George, Chancellor of the Exchequer
  • Stewart, Rory, Member of Parliament
  • Taylor, J. Martin, Chairman, Syngenta International AG Greece
  • David, George A., Chairman, Coca-Cola H.B.C. S.A.
  • Hardouvelis, Gikas A., Chief Economist and Head of Research, Eurobank EFG
  • Papaconstantinou, George, Minister of Finance
  • Tsoukalis, Loukas, President, ELIAMEP Grisons International Organizations
  • Almunia, Joaquín, Vice President, European Commission
  • Daele, Frans van, Chief of Staff to the President of the European Council
  • Kroes, Neelie, Vice President, European Commission; Commissioner for Digital Agenda
  • Lamy, Pascal, Director General, World Trade Organization
  • Rompuy, Herman van, President, European Council
  • Sheeran, Josette, Executive Director, United Nations World Food Programme
  • Solana Madariaga, Javier, President, ESADEgeo Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics
  • Trichet, Jean-Claude, President, European Central Bank
  • Zoellick, Robert B., President, The World Bank Group Ireland
  • Gallagher, Paul, Senior Counsel; Former Attorney General
  • McDowell, Michael, Senior Counsel, Law Library; Former Deputy Prime Minister
  • Sutherland, Peter D., Chairman, Goldman Sachs International Italy
  • Bernabè, Franco, CEO, Telecom Italia SpA
  • Elkann, John, Chairman, Fiat S.p.A.
  • Monti, Mario, President, Univers Commerciale Luigi Bocconi
  • Scaroni, Paolo, CEO, Eni S.p.A.
  • Tremonti, Giulio, Minister of Economy and Finance Canada
  • Carney, Mark J., Governor, Bank of Canada
  • Clark, Edmund, President and CEO, TD Bank Financial Group
  • McKenna, Frank, Deputy Chair, TD Bank Financial Group
  • Orbinksi, James, Professor of Medicine and Political Science, University of Toronto
  • Prichard, J. Robert S., Chair, Torys LLP
  • Reisman, Heather, Chair and CEO, Indigo Books & Music Inc. Center, Brookings Institution Netherlands
  • Bolland, Marc J., Chief Executive, Marks and Spencer Group plc
  • Chavannes, Marc E., Political Columnist, NRC Handelsblad; Professor of Journalism
  • Halberstadt, Victor, Professor of Economics, Leiden University; Former Honorary Secretary General of Bilderberg Meetings
  • H.M. the Queen of the Netherlands
  • Rosenthal, Uri, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Winter, Jaap W., Partner, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek Norway
  • Myklebust, Egil, Former Chairman of the Board of Directors SAS, sk Hydro ASA
  • H.R.H. Crown Prince Haakon of Norway
  • Ottersen, Ole Petter, Rector, University of Oslo
  • Solberg, Erna, Leader of the Conservative Party Austria
  • Bronner, Oscar, CEO and Publisher, Standard Medien AG
  • Faymann, Werner, Federal Chancellor
  • Rothensteiner, Walter, Chairman of the Board, Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich AG
  • Scholten, Rudolf, Member of the Board of Executive Directors, Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG Portugal
  • Balsemão, Francisco Pinto, Chairman and CEO, IMPRESA, S.G.P.S.; Former Prime Minister
  • Ferreira Alves, Clara, CEO, Claref LDA; writer
  • Nogueira Leite, António, Member of the Board, José de Mello Investimentos, SGPS, SA Sweden
  • Mordashov, Alexey A., CEO, Severstal
  • Bildt, Carl, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Björling, Ewa, Minister for Trade
  • Wallenberg, Jacob, Chairman, Investor AB Switzerland
  • Brabeck-Letmathe, Peter, Chairman, Nestlé S.A.
  • Groth, Hans, Senior Director, Healthcare Policy & Market Access, Oncology Business Unit, Pfizer Europe
  • Janom Steiner, Barbara, Head of the Department of Justice, Security and Health, Canton
  • Kudelski, André, Chairman and CEO, Kudelski Group SA
  • Leuthard, Doris, Federal Councillor
  • Schmid, Martin, President, Government of the Canton Grisons
  • Schweiger, Rolf, Ständerat
  • Soiron, Rolf, Chairman of the Board, Holcim Ltd., Lonza Ltd.
  • Vasella, Daniel L., Chairman, Novartis AG
  • Witmer, Jürg, Chairman, Givaudan SA and Clariant AG Spain
  • Cebrián, Juan Luis, CEO, PRISA
  • Cospedal, María Dolores de, Secretary General, Partido Popular
  • León Gross, Bernardino, Secretary General of the Spanish Presidency
  • Nin Génova, Juan María, President and CEO, La Caixa
  • H.M. Queen Sofia of Spain Turkey
  • Ciliv, Süreyya, CEO, Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S.
  • Gülek Domac, Tayyibe, Former Minister of State
  • Koç, Mustafa V., Chairman, Koç Holding A.S.
  • Pekin, Sefika, Founding Partner, Pekin & Bayar Law Firm USA
  • Alexander, Keith B., Commander, USCYBERCOM; Director, National Security Agency
  • Altman, Roger C., Chairman, Evercore Partners Inc.
  • Bezos, Jeff, Founder and CEO,
  • Collins, Timothy C., CEO, Ripplewood Holdings, LLC
  • Feldstein, Martin S., George F. Baker Professor of Economics, Harvard University
  • Hoffman, Reid, Co-founder and Executive Chairman, LinkedIn
  • Hughes, Chris R., Co-founder, Facebook
  • Jacobs, Kenneth M., Chairman & CEO, Lazard
  • Johnson, James A., Vice Chairman, Perseus, LLC
  • Jordan, Jr., Vernon E., Senior Managing Director, Lazard Frères & Co. LLC
  • Keane, John M., Senior Partner, SCP Partners; General, US Army, Retired
  • Kissinger, Henry A., Chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc.
  • Kleinfeld, Klaus, Chairman and CEO, Alcoa
  • Kravis, Henry R., Co-Chairman and co-CEO, Kohlberg Kravis, Roberts & Co.
  • Kravis, Marie-Josée, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, Inc.
  • Li, Cheng, Senior Fellow and Director of Research, John L. Thornton China Center, Brookings Institution
  • Mundie, Craig J., Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Microsoft Corporation
  • Orszag, Peter R., Vice Chairman, Citigroup Global Markets, Inc.
  • Perle, Richard N., Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
  • Rockefeller, David, Former Chairman, Chase Manhattan Bank
  • Rose, Charlie, Executive Editor and Anchor, Charlie Rose
  • Rubin, Robert E., Co-Chairman, Council on Foreign Relations; Former Secretary of the Treasury
  • Schmidt, Eric, Executive Chairman, Google Inc.
  • Steinberg, James B., Deputy Secretary of State
  • Thiel, Peter A., President, Clarium Capital Management, LLC
  • Varney, Christine A., Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust
  • Vaupel, James W., Founding Director, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research
  • Warsh, Kevin, Former Governor, Federal Reserve Board
  • Wolfensohn, James D., Chairman, Wolfensohn & Company, LLC