The Heavenly Leader

Posted on July 4, 2011


Our father which art in Pyongyang, please give us some daily bread, please?

Remember the WikiLeaks ‘Diplomatic Cables?  In particular, do you remember the memos of the two members of the PRC delegation in which they speculate about the advantages of North Korea dissolving or collapsing?  I don’t believe it for a minute.  I think those were meant to be released and were specimens of Chinese disinformation which operates round the clock.  The Communist Party adores North Korea and and the death grip it maintains on its populace.  See the last sentence in this report for the proof.

If you’ll pardon my French, when this shit house catches fire, it is going to be a frightening mess with unpredictable implications.  This is horrible,despicable and heartbreaking all in the same breath.   If you wish to see the images referred to in the story and a narration accompanying them – you will find them here.

A reminder, you all – to fight for your natural law and Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms everyday, because the people who want to take them from you are working tirelessly to do so.   Although this is an example of tyranny taken to its extreme end point, the enemies of liberty do find much to admire in this model of governance.  Imagine your life without the right to bear arms, without the alternative media and the ability to write and read blogs about resistance to tyranny, without a (relatively) free-enterprise capitalistic economy, without the rule of law.  That’s exactly what the social planners of the NWO are imagining at the Bilderberg conferences.  Prepare to resist at all costs – our nation’s founders did.

 In North Korea, Even Army Is Starving

Food shortages in North Korea have become so acute that even the traditionally well-fed military is starving, according to hidden camera footage from inside the impoverished communist state.

Based on the footage, shot by an undercover North Korean journalist, ABC News reports: “It is clear that the all-powerful army, once quarantined from food shortages and famine, is starting to go hungry.”

One soldier told the journalist: “Everybody is weak. Within my troop of 100 comrades, half of them are malnourished.”

The regime “used to put the military first, but now it can’t even supply food to its soldiers,” said Jiro Ishimaru, who trained the undercover reporter. “Rice is being sold in markets but they are starving. This is the most significant thing in this video.”

The footage also shows young children caked with filth begging in the streets for handouts. Many are orphans, their parents victims of starvation or a concentration camp.

Dictator Kim Jong-il depends on the military for his grip on power, and the food shortages afflicting the soldiers could threaten his hopes for a transition to his successor, son Kim Jong-un, ABC News observes, noting: “Opposition to a third generation of the Kim family taking over is growing.”

Kim’s recent move to shut down the nation’s universities is seen as an attempt to keep that opposition in check.

According to reports in South Korea, the government on June 27 ordered all universities to cancel classes until April of next year, ostensibly to aid the economy by putting the students to work on construction projects in cities or in agricultural areas.

But Toshimitsu Shigemura, a professor in Tokyo and author of several books on North Korea, told The Telegraph the shutdown could have come in response to “a possibility of demonstrations at university campuses.

“The leadership has seen the ‘Jasmine Revolution’ in Africa and it is very frightened that the same thing could happen in North Korea. They fear it could start in the universities.”

He added that North Korea recently purchased anti-riot equipment from China and has increased police presence in the capital, Pyongyang.