Voted off the Island – Allegedly

Posted on August 26, 2011


Supposedly, now that a couple of closet left wing polling researchers have come up with a report about the American people’s view of the Tea Party movement, we’re supposed to believe that the Tea Party is so unpopular that Muslims and Atheists are looked at more favorably.

Having looked at the poll results from the New York Times (that should give anyone pause for concern right there), it is clear to me that the Left, including Rachel Maddow, are spinning and manipulating the poll to render an impression that is just flat misleading.  The picture that actually emerges is that the majority of Americans just simply don’t follow politics.  Most Americans might have heard the expression ‘Tea Party’, but the poll results indicate that statistically, most really don’t know much if anything about the Tea Party or what it stands for and therefore don’t really have an opinion either way.  On the other hand, whenever questions are asked that define differences between how Conservatives view the debt crises as opposed to how Liberal / Progressives view it – a majority of those polled identify with the Tea Party position on our fiscal situation.

There are some internal inconsistencies with these poll results that render it both incoherent and unreliable in my view.  For example, while 73 percent think the spending cuts didn’t go far enough – 63 percent think Congress should raise taxes!  According to this poll, Obama’s leadership qualities on the fiscal crises are viewed positively by 46 percent and negatively by 47 percent.  We know that that doesn’t sync with other polls that have been conducted – including those dealing with his job approval rating, of which the lowest, place him at 38 percent.  44 percent of respondents hold Bush more responsible for our present economic situation, but only 15 percent blame Obama????

There are many more results in this poll where the answers either don’t jive with the findings of numerous other mainstream opinion surveys and I won’t bore you with the rest of them, but I think the Legacy Media finds itself in ‘garbage time’ with respect to their efforts in propping up this President and his party.  Consequentially the poll results smack of desperation and a cynical attempt to fashion and fabricate a collective ‘zeitgeist’ based on creating a false impression of the national outlook.  You know what simpletons most of the ‘sleepwalking’ class are.  “Oh, the Tea Party (whatever that is) isn’t cool? – well, I don’t want to be on the wrong side of the fashion trend – I guess I’m not down with them either – dum,dee,dum,dum,dum”.  It’s really quite transparent to anyone with critical thinking faculties.  The next time someone calls up with a poll question, then the Tea Party is radioactive.  “Oh, no Mr. Interviewer – I’m not a Tea Party person and I don’t know anyone who is”

While I’m aware of the fact that Colbert is doing a shtick most of the time and is arguably what could be most accurately defined as ‘Center – Left’, this segment from his show really does illustrate that moderates can be won over to our way of thinking if we come across as articulate and can go toe to toe in an argument.  Colbert tries to test this lady, but at the end gracefully concedes that she made an effective defense of her positions.  Very entertaining.