The Attack of the Puppet People

Posted on November 19, 2011


My interpretation of OWS and the 1 percenters that showed up in Washington D.C. to supposedly advocate higher taxes on the rich is crystallizing along the following lines.  There is a large contingent of the wealthy Wall Streeters that are secretly cheering on the OWS rabble.   Now, I know you’re probably thinking “Where the hell are you going with this???  That sounds a bit too counter intuitive”   I agree that it does at first blush, but stick with me a moment.   Let me take you back to 1917 as an analogy.  The Bolsheviks started the Russian Revolution as a supposed movement of the proletarians, correct?  O.K., who were the Bolsheviks exactly?  The answer is that they were predominantly composed of upper class individuals from various walks of life – academia, intellectuals, high ranking military, former government officials – but in large part it was  heavily concentrated with those in banking and finance.   Even so,  they were very successful in mobilizing street mobs – which in the case of Czarist Russia, had many legitimate grievances against the repressive and brutal Monarchy.  The parallel in our current day of the ignorant mobs of St. Petersburg and the Kremlin would be the Occupy protesters.

Still with me?    Despite how the whole Communist Revolution was marketed to the useful idiots in the West, the Revolution WAS NOT a triumph of the working and the peasant class over the tyranny of the Monarchy, the Oligarchy and the wealthy Bourgeoisie.   If it wasn’t that – and any careful analysis of the history of the U.S.S.R. tells us that it was not  – what then was it?  It was clearly nothing more than a palace coup.  The powerful and wealthy cadre that made up the leadership of the Bolshevik movement simply had decided that too much of the wealth of the country and the ownership of land, was concentrated under the direct control of the Czar and that by deposing that regime, they could replace it with another one that had exactly the same dictatorial elements but just added several more seats to the dinner table.

Of course, in order to pull something like this off, they needed help from outside.  They needed extra business partners – or what should more accurately be described as investors.   They found investors quite ready and willing to assist in the re-enslavement of the Russian people.  Men like Armand Hammer, Baron Rothschild, John D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, Felix Rohatyn and investment houses like Kuhn Loeb, the Warburgs, Lazard-Freres,  etc.  All of these wanted in on the action.  They got in on the action and at  numerous times – most notably in the 30’s, when their investment appeared to be on the brink of collapse, pumped additional capital into ‘Communist’ Russia in order to prop it up and preserve it from ruin.

Notice how I place brackets around the term ‘Communism’.  What am I getting at with this?  Let me further explain.  We all learned in school what is the standard textbook definition of Communism and I won’t bother to recite that further here, other than for the point of reference that it is ostensibly a system in which there are no classes and everything is organized around worker’s collectives and everything is distributed equally.  Interestingly enough, that actual concept has only been tried once or twice in the history of the world and it wasn’t in the Soviet Union and it wasn’t in Red China.  It was in the New Testament of the Bible and I think that also there were some little collectivist, commune type communities formed in the early to mid 19th century here in America as well.  In both instances they were a complete train wreck and the Apostle Paul in his letters to the early Church condemned the idea of entitlements and any sort of welfare other than the assistance of widows, orphans and the infirmed.

In the case of the New Testament Church, you’ll often hear uninformed people suggest that what is described in Acts Chapter 2,  was a splendid example of people all pooling their resources together and meeting each others’ needs in what in the mind’s eye sounds like some glorious Hippy Commune.  That is the conclusion that some people – especially those who classify themselves as Socialists with a Christian religious bent, arrive at.  However, human nature, no matter how altruistic and idealistic, is at odds with the collectivist experiment.

The socialist arrangement described in Acts ended in disaster, because later we see the Apostle Paul writing letters to the other churches in Asia Minor soliciting donations to alleviate the poverty that resulted from the failure of the brief experiment in ‘Christian Communism’.   So, it begs the question – if the Bolsheviks knew that Communism was a proposition destined to failure – what exactly was it that they actually had in mind instead?

What eventually materialized in Russia and later in China was merely an elitist power structure designed to create widely dispersed human slavery franchises.  It was determined by the individuals spearheading this power grab that it would be helpful if there was some kind of philosophical cover for their re-invention of authoritarianism and serfdom.   The natural facade that made the most sense at the time was Communism / Socialism / Marxism; the reason being that this social – economic theory was viewed with a great deal of romanticism by the intellectuals of the mid to late 19th century and the onset of the 20th.

The thinking among the founders of the Revolution was that in masquerading behind the illusion of a political movement, such a diversion would make their re-invention of the Czarist system much more attractive to the ever existent ‘useful idiot’ element of society.   Along with a facade of ideology, the Bolsheviks felt that a certain amount of annihilation of the culture had to be undertaken.   This is where the prohibition of Religion comes in.  The Bolsheviks were not so much anti-Religion per se, but rather they saw it a factor that has the potential of undermining the State power structure.

That was true also with the Roman Empire during the first three centuries of the existence of the Christian faith.  Jesus was not the only one who was of the opinion that man cannot serve two masters – Lenin and Stalin were in agreement as well.   Caesar does not appreciate man rendering to anyone other than himself.

So, what you ask does the development of the Soviet Union and Red China have to do with Occupy Wall Street, who are beating the drum for Socialism?  And what to do with the notable segment of the  ‘1 percenters’ – who by all outward appearances, seem to want to redistribute their own wealth?  Before I sum up my unified theory of both crusades, let me go back to something I pointed out previously because a complete perspective without this element in the mix is impossible.  Surveys of political donations to the re-election campaign of Barack Obama in particular, and the Democrat Party in general, point to the fact that the large money donations are coming from Wall Street, Corporations and the wealthy.

On the surface, that does not seem to make a great deal of sense.  That is to say, it doesn’t make much sense if you look at Barack Obama’s statement to Joe the Plumber and other actions of his administration at face value in the context of how Americans and Westerners have been taught the essential nature of Communism and Communist governments.   But if you correctly understand and interpret the core objectives of those who run such governments and those who invest in them – the cognitive dissonance melts away and you then can put in proper context a lot of the events and trends that you see reported in the news on a daily basis.    It is quite the diametric opposite of the fairy tale that has been served up by most of the history books which have been written in such a way as to deliberately obscure the truth.

The Occupy Wall Street crowd, and the ‘true believers’ on the left which are a core constituency of the Democrat Party are today’s useful idiots and tools of the elites that want to transform this nation from the United States of America to the next subdivision of mass slave franchises.  The wealthy  – or at least the segment among them that hunger for the satisfaction of controlling the lives of the ‘great unwashed masses’ will be the franchisees under the plan that has been conceived.   Notice also, how the Labor Unions have co-opted and leveraged the Occupy events?   Be assured that they will have a seat at the table when the Oligarchs complete their campaign of conquest.

What the poor, deluded, dysfunctional OWS crowd fancies as a restructuring of America and Europe into a Welfare State Shangri-La, bears no resemblance  whatsoever to what is really in the works.  What is in the works is the relentless financial destruction of the Middle Class in this country as part of the transition to a malevolent takeover and conversion to a Super Fascist State.   When you look at the seemingly incomprehensible activities of those who would normally have the most to lose from confiscation of wealth, through the lens of what really took place in Russia in 1917, Germany in 1933 and the Chinese mainland in the late 40’s – it becomes fairly easy to connect the dots.

So, what are the next signposts on the road?  The collapse of our currency?  A relentless effort to confiscate firearms from private owners?  The economic devastation of the Middle Class?  The acceleration of America from a system which allows the individual to climb the ladder financially to one that lassos the bulk of the population into a permanent dependency on Government?

There are so many individual, seemingly unrelated activities going on beneath the radar screen of the sheep that are being prepared for the shearing – but just as one example, to give you a flavor of what to look for when you begin to see events that fill in the picture, I cite the following.  The Bush family completed the purchase of 100,000 acres of land in South America in 2006.  The enormous land parcel is centered in Paraguay.  It just happens to be precisely situated to provide operational control of the Aquifero Guarani – one of the largest unified sources of underground water reserves in the world.

There is a movement underway, similar to this, to control vast segments of natural resources that are strategically placed – which will enable those who control them to leverage access.  This will provide a compelling  incentive for the population to cooperate with their plans for restructuring independent nations into economic zones – or what I previously and perhaps more accurately described as slavery franchises.

Let’s speak as grown-ups here.  What do you really, honestly think is being discussed in those Bilderberg Conferences, in the break out sessions of the World Affairs Council and those recent meetings of the billionaires who, like Warren Buffett and George Soros supposedly want to pay more taxes?   You don’t really believe that they are bankrolling the Obama re-election campaign so that he can confiscate their assets?  Greedy they may be, but idealistic and stupid, they are not.

The only resentment that I really have towards the pathetic little Communi-bots of the OWS protests is that they are unwittingly furthering the actual plans and ambitions of the very people who would become our slavemasters.  I’m reminded of the story in the Bible in Genesis Chapter 25 of Esau selling his birthright to Jacob for a lousy bowl of soup, merely because he had not the discipline necessary to postpone the dictates of his craving for instant gratification.  Many are addicted to instant gratification in this culture.   If you don’t believe me, keep your eye on the reports of robust retail activity during the Holiday season.  People who have no guarantee of whether they will actually be employed next year are rushing out to the stores to load up with junk from China that they don’t need and that their children will become bored with in 6 months or less.  We’re staring down the barrel of an economic holocaust and these fools are racking up personal debt that will be like a prison in their lives.

The protesters, for their part,  want to sell their birthright of Freedom, Liberty and Economic opportunity for the false guarantee of more and more ‘parental’ care from the Government (translated Taxpayers).  I’ve said it many times before, in reference to the self destructive instincts of Liberals and ‘Progressives’.   I don’t mind if they want to sell their soul to the devil – I just don’t want to have my signature forged on the paperwork along with theirs.

My final thoughts have to do with Class Warfare.  I do respect the folks in the Upper Middle Class that are opposing and reacting to the OWS movement.   They are the folks like the ones in the video sent to me by a friend,  who are counter protesting the Occupy bunch.  You could consider them a spontaneous manifestation of the sentiment behind the Tea Party.  Nevertheless, I think it is prudent not to paint with too broad a brush, no matter what angle you look at this from.  Not all of the so-called ‘1 %’ are heroes – in fact some of them have quite sinister motivations in terms of how this country in particular and the World in general is to be shaped in the coming decades.  Nor are all of them villains  – not by a long shot, unless one categorizes ambition and hard work as character flaws.  I certainly don’t.

Conversely, not everybody who protests the current system in which both political parties have handed over the keys of the national Candy Store to an insatiable gang of powerful looters – are wrongly motivated.   Their solutions in most cases are wrong headed and naive, but their instincts are correct.   Regrettably, the fact remains that class warfare and racial divisions are part of a deliberate and organized campaign to completely mutilate the fabric of our society.

It’s regrettable that although the challenges and threats to the future of a once proud and free America are real and obvious – the tactics to successfully resist these threats are not as obvious.  I attended an event recently where former Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani was speaking.  One of the things he advised the audience to be aware of was the tendency in this country that average citizens are habitually uninformed about matters of critical importance and are taking their cues from limited sources of information and tendency of society towards ‘groupthink’.  Groupthink is a suicidal tendency that our society shares with the odd creatures known as Lemmings.

There comes a point in which citizens born in freedom, slumber too long and wake up too late to answer the alarm.   That point may have already passed and the ship may have already sailed over the horizon.  The complacency among those with the most to lose and nothing to gain from the rise of yet another Fascist Super State, is quite ominous to me.

Brace yourself for rough weather ahead.