Next in Line Please!

Posted on November 24, 2011



It could just be a coincidence and I could just be Kim Kardashian in butch, but me thinks that once the establishment bent Herman over with the trumped up bimbo eruption and he got knocked solidly out of the polling – they’re done with him and that story.  Have you noticed that?  It was like “O.K., now that we’ve f@#ked Cain’s poll numbers beyond recognition – let’s move on to the next project”  It wasn’t like any of them genuinely believed in the story and were determined to go to the ends of the Earth to resolve it.  The unsubstantiated allegations and smearing accomplished its objective and they’re done with it now.  “All right, we nailed Cain’s coffin shut, let’s go wash this feces off our hands and go grab a Chocolate Martini”.

It’s maddening, it’s sad and it’s lamentable – but it follows a pattern.  They got rid of Michele Bachmann in similar fashion – but merely with a different device – she’s a know nothing idiot.  They hounded her incessantly, bird dogging her every syl-ab-ble and got the job done.

Texas has some work on its hands rebuilding its brand after we saw what a clown they have for a Governor.  Perry frustrated the media.  They  were hoping to claim a take down, but the guy punked them – he did his own self.

Now, the next shoe to drop with the political destruction machine is Gingrich.  However, in this case – Gingrich’s opponents won’t require the assistance of the media.  Gingrich is the guy whose accumulated repertoire of stupid acts and statements will detonate the explosive device he’s strapped to himself.  I think Gingrich killed his surging poll numbers with one statement in the previous debate which I did not watch, and that was the declaration for Amnesty.  Give him about another week and he’ll fade back down to insignificance again.  So then, we’re back with Romney with his perpetual 20% numbers.  Beyond this, I’m clueless as to what is going to happen.  The Crystal Ball is foggy here brother.

The best I can do for you is provide two possible scenarios.  Romney is last man standing after the primaries – or alternately, the votes are splintered to the degree that a handful of these candidates go into the convention with delegates with which to broker and barter.  That could happen because of the rule changes concerning apportionment of earned delegates in the primaries.