The Obama Deception

Posted on December 4, 2011


I want to strongly encourage you to invest a couple of hours in watching this video.  It synthesizes and pulls together the threads of much of what has been the substance of my blog posts and email rants.  The first 2 minutes start off a little slow, but after that the movie picks up momentum and never lets up.  The reason is that the first two minutes set the stage for how the movie later illuminates the significance of Obama’s statements during his campaign and the handover from Bush ‘W’ to Barack.

The assertions made in the movie are extensively documented during the course of the film.  If only half of the agenda outlined in the film was true – the implications would be ground shaking.  The facts that I have researched independently prior to reviewing this film, place the accuracy level much closer to the 90 percentile range – and the consequences of the plans and programs detailed could alter the nature of your daily existence to an extent even greater than you have already experienced.

Because of the influence of the alternative media, some of the plans of the Shadow Government have already been derailed or temporarily sidelined.  Conversely, however – much of the ‘change’ that was in the road map of the puppeteers has already been imposed on us and needs to be reversed.

One of my initial reactions to the content of this film is the tragedy of how the Occupy movement has through it’s disreputable behavior and image, discredited some essential truths that Americans and Europeans need to come to terms with.   I would hope that a differently constructed grassroots movement similar to the Tea Party could take a second run at legitimizing the embedded truth that this film exposes.  Some other key aspects of this video include a look at John F. Kennedy in his role as President,  from a perspective that I myself have unearthed in a considerable amount of research that I have been doing as an amateur historian.

Also thought provoking is the fascinating divergence within the Democrat Party with respect to its advertised aims and objectives as opposed to its real, core purposes and allegiances.  How this film contrasts (for example), Nancy Pelosi on the one hand, and Dennis Kucinich on the other – will intrigue you, to say the least.

There is a blockbuster revelation in here about World War I President Woodrow Wilson and his moment of realization that he has been the puppet and patsy of the Banksters in creating an apparatus which is the basis of the theft of this nation’s financial resources that was unprecedented up to his time and continues to this very moment.

As the narrator suggests, and as I was doing before he even brought it up – have a note pad and pen handy and scratch down notes and references – so that you can verify and confirm their accuracy and also learn more.  You might want to bookmark it and digest it in 30 minute segments – as most of us don’t have 2 hours of uninterrupted time ever.   There is a part of the film about 3/4 into it that will be of particular interest to ML and certain others of us (myself especially), that discuss National and World affairs regularly.

I apologize if my comments seem at surface level, a little supercharged with hyperbole, but even if you are only moderately interested in ‘politics’ per se – the topic matter goes way deeper than the day to day election and campaign theater that repeats itself every campaign season.

I’ll say it again – this is well worth your time – it is fascinating, frightening, but also ultimately encouraging because we can alter the outcome.      Before that can happen though, you must have a clear understanding of what is really going on in this country as opposed to the bought and paid for controlled news media’s idea of what they think you should be told.  They think you can’t handle the truth and shouldn’t.  I think you can and should.