Sympathy for the Devil

Posted on January 11, 2012


Subsequent to the timely and long anticipated demise of Kim Jong Il last month, much speculation has centered around the degree and extent of the authenticity of the outwardly passionate and frenzied caterwauling seen in the midst of ceremonies commemorating his promotion to the nether regions.

Western observers contended one with another arguing as to whether the sentiments depicted in the photos and videos portrayed genuine, unvarnished grief on the part of the North Korean people, due to the cumulative effects of years of mind control and enforced cult worship – or whether it was simply theater and transparently the collective manifestation of self preservation instinct. I happened, for the record, to contend for the latter interpretation.

I have been vindicated – not that it comforts me in the sorrow I feel for the victims of this regime’s tyranny. New revelations are now surfacing in the widely read publication from South Korea, the ‘Daily NK’, that detail not only how the apparent mass hysteria and bitter, chest pounding lamentations in the wake of the passing of the ‘Great Leader’ were stage managed by the authorities, but also that scores of North Koreans are being sanctioned by the new regime of Kim Jong Un.

A source from Pyongyang told Daily NK on January 2nd, “The day before the event sending off comrade Kim Jong Il, heads of people’s units told us that ‘comrade Kim Jong Eun will also be escorting the General’s hearse bare-handed’ and conveyed a list of important instructions.”

On December 28 in Pyongyang, the thermometer recorded a bone chilling -2.4 degrees Celsius.  For easy reference, that would be a toasty 28 degrees Fahrenheit.   The new ‘Great Leader’s’ plans were that while the funeral ceremonies and procession were to be filmed in their entirety for propaganda purposes, it would be vital to present the fiction that North Koreans were grief stricken.

In order to bring this to fruition, the ‘important instructions’ that were imparted conveyed to residents and attendees that they would be observed in order to certify compliance with the enforced despondency. Assigned to spy on the throngs were college students from Kim Il Sung University, Kim Chaek University of Technology and Pyongyang University of Railways.

Other edicts from Un included the prohibition of gloves, scarves or head wear.  What propaganda value this decree could impart is beyond me, except for the likely reason that those playing the role of ‘scouts’ could identify scofflaws more efficiently.  Kim Jong Un also made a show out of handling the initial transfer of the casket to the hearse, bare-headed and bare-handed.  Chalk that up to him being a flabby punk like his father, playing the role of a tough guy.   Imagine the scandal here, of somebody’s kid being ‘appointed’ as a General of the Army, that had never even attended a military school!  Oh, wait, I forgot – we have a foreign born individual masquerading as a President.  Never mind.

The Daily NK also reports, “The mourning period has only been finished for a few days and already there are rumors that a few central cadres including the chief history lecturer at Kang Ban Seok Political School have been disposed of via criticism sessions for mistakes made during the mourning period,” according to their sources within the nation otherwise known as the DPRK.  Apparently, the same dog and pony show was mandated by the state with attendant penalties when Kim Il Sung arrived for his appointment with the lord of the flies. It is instructive that in a nation where persons are considered property of ‘the State’, to ‘dispose’ of an individual is a mere trifle.

It is now being reported by a source from North Hamkyung Province on January 10th, “The authorities are handing down at least six months in a labor-training camp to anybody who didn’t participate in the organized gatherings during the mourning period, or who did participate but didn’t cry and didn’t seem genuine.”

The source also tells The Daily, that those who are accused by the authorities of criticism of the state or the new leader are being sent to re-education camps or being banished with their families to remote rural areas.   ‘Re-Education’ is a Communist euphemism for the most brutal retribution that one can imagine.  The North Korean authorities are star pupils of Stalin and Mao.   The obvious purpose behind the persecution is to enforce an atmosphere of anxiety and fear among the general population. What else is new when it comes to this demonic dynasty?

Further revelations include those from a source in North Hamkyung, who relates that the government is embarking on yet another intensive campaign of indoctrination consisting of the idolization of Kim Jong Un on one hand and ‘criticism’ sessions of those who have been judged in the balance (to paraphrase scripture) and been found ‘wanting’ by the observers and spies of the ‘Hermit Kingdom’ of darkness.

Make no mistake, the facts are very clear – no one misses Kim Jong Il(l) and no one would miss his son or any of the apparatus of the state of repression.  Without a gun to their head and the threat of ‘Re-Education’, they would dance on his grave. People did their level best to either re-up on their loyalty bonafides in hopes of preserving their privileged status or simply to avoid the horrific retribution meted out to those whose performance was deemed to be ‘unconvincing’.