Road Rage

Posted on January 30, 2012


Not that this will be a surprise to any of y’all, but its been awhile since I heard the specific numbers on this colossal government rip-off.   The charts below, not only pins the donkey on the state of Mexifornia and the mental hospital escapees posing as lawmakers and the Demo governor running this state, but also the Federal government that holds us hostage to what can only be described as treasonous energy ‘policy’.

Notice also that on the list, most of the lowest gas tax states are in the far West (other than the Blue coastal states) and in the South.  Just a coincidence, I suppose.

Here’s the rankings in order of most insane highway robbery:

Somebody ought to do a campaign season commercial shout out to the politicos in Washington D.C. that are playing ‘keep-away’ with the energy resources that we desperately need to turn this nation’s economy around.  You know the J.G Wentworth ad that they show on the cable channels that is a sort of a spin off of the ‘Network’ movie  where people are shouting angrily out their windows?  Here’s mine…“It’s MY energy and I want it NOW!!!!!!!!!”



















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