Pond Scum Rising

Posted on January 31, 2012



Newt is a rudderless disaster with enormous baggage – his position on Illegals, his multiple divorces and infidelities, his tongue hockey with Pelosi, his Rockefeller orientation, his pimping of Freddy and his propensity to lie whenever his mouth moves.

Romney is a non-starter for me as well.  The guy is a pretty boy and a slick talker, but has no core ideological framework, has repudiated Reagan, has flip-flopped on every issue that is of major concern to conservatives, invented Obamacare and still defends it.  I don’t trust him any further than I could throw Gingrich.

I like Rick Santorum.  He’s not perfect – but he’s a hell of a lot more consistent and believable than either of the other two.  If he’s still in the race when it swings out here to Cali, I’ll probably go that way.   I must say that it is amazing how many Republicans have come to the insanely stupid conclusion that they have to follow the crowd and select between one of the two frauds that are ahead in the polls right now.

And to listen to them hammering at one or another about which one is an ‘authentic conservative’, when one is a died in the wool East Coast establishment RINO and the other one is a Neo-Con (at best).  One says anything he thinks the GOP base wants to hear and believes that he can put it over on them; the other says everything and anything, to the point that he is virtually undefinable.

My question and argument is why swing from the cajones of the uninformed stooges who are stupid enough to give their opinions over the phone to some strange person who claims to be representing a polling firm.  To quote Ricky Bobby from the movie, Talladega Nights, ” With all due respect, I did not know you had experimental surgery to have your balls removed”.    Give Ricky Santorum a shot.  He’s a nice Catholic boy, and just because he’s pretty, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some sack down below the equator.  The guy at least doesn’t have a bunch of garbage for Obama to sift through and fling guano at him in the Genital election.

There is a lot about Ron Paul that I like.  We do absolutely have to confront the naked looting of our economy that is being perpetrated by the Fed, and a good place to start is to audit them.  I also generally agree with him about dialing back on the conflicts we insert ourselves into.  The unfortunate thing is that every POTUS from Carter on, has allowed the N.Korea and Iran situations to fester into major problems and unfinished business, that we now have no choice but to address – and military options have to remain on the table.

I have little doubt unfortunately, that  unless something really remarkable happens between now and the convention, that we will be presented with Establishment Candidate (A) Romney, or Establishment Candidate (B) Gingrich; in which case I will likely choose the American Independent Party or the Constitution Party as a protest vote.

Yes, I know that will help Obama – but I’m weighing the merits of sending a message to the GOP Establishment as opposed to weathering another 4 years of Obama – which will likely either be the catalyst for a rebellion and a Constitutional re-set, or at least the jolly old convincer  to the mass of sheeple otherwise known as the electorate, of the dangers of RINOS and ‘Communist Lite’ – Demoncats like Obama.  I may have a last second ‘conversion’ on the day of the Prez election – but right now, I don’t see it happening.

I welcome your thoughts.  Just don’t make me go Ricky Bobby on you!





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