Texas or Bust

Posted on February 5, 2012


I get good ideas for posts from my circle of  friends that regularly discuss the whack government of the State of California (aka ‘Mexifornia).  This one was good enough to lift in its entirety, thus saving me time and effort to stumble upon it myself.  Some unenlightened sap, writing in a letter to the editor of the San Gabriel Valley rag known as the Pasadena Star News, feigned ignorance of the fact that businesses, large and small are leaving the Golden State and taking jobs and tax revenue with them in response to the proverbial straw that broke the Camel’s back.

The straw in this case being unconscionable levels of taxation and regulation of which were unsustainable for said businesses.  It’s not as though the voice of common sense hasn’t been screaming at the top of its lungs for years now, warning California lawmakers and governors of this day.  I can count at least two fact finding trips made by members of the GOP legislative caucus to nearby states including Texas, to research how it is that they are attracting employers and how we can stop the bleeding.  The response from state Democrats?  It was almost verbatim “If you think for one minute, we’re even going to consider anything like that, you’re dreaming”.

Well, the stooge who wrote the letter (whose name will remain anonymous other than the clue that it is known as the second syllable in the notorious expression describing a cash register sound), called out my friend Michael, to prove up on his bonafides with respect to names of companies that have flown this confiscatory coop.  Here’s Mike’s response –  jacking it out of the yard, past the nosebleed seats and over the stadium lights:

“What creative people are being run out of the state of California? I want some names. What regulations? I want regulation numbers and codes.” Da—d C–ng (letters Feb. 3) made this request and I am happy to oblige. C.E.O. magazine, Chief Executive.net and California Union.org are only a few of the many organizations that rate California number 50, dead last of all the states, for business friendly environment.

In addition to Apple and Ebay, green companies like AQT Solar (and it’s 1000 employees) have left the “golden” state for greener pastures elsewhere. Companies are leaving at a rate of five per week to places like Texas. The reasons for the exodus include the country’s highest taxes, workman’s comp, general liability, building permits, frivolous lawsuits and environmental regulations.

Our democrat run state legislature passed 725 new laws in 2011 alone. California Air Resources Board AB32, states AB350 and AB715 are only a few of the never ending laws that send business fleeing. If all these facts are just lies, as Mr. C–ng believes, than I would suggest he go for a drive through some industrial sections of the southland to view all the for sale and lease signs and look at all the vacant shops in strip malls. Some lyrics from an old Tom Petty hit song would be appropriate here.

“You believe what you want to believe
You see you don’t have to live like a refugee”

We don’t have to live like refugees.  All we need to do is start acting like adults and handing Democrats in Sacramento (and in Washington D.C.) their pinkslips.

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