The Forgotten Man Speaks

Posted on February 8, 2012


Remember me?  Do you?  That’s me sitting on the bench.  I’m the guy the Constitution was written for.  I’m a citizen,  an American, without the hyphen.  My parents were immigrants – the legal kind.  I’m disheartened.  I’m the ‘Forgotten Man’.  I’m the guy all the talking head politicians chirp about constantly and loudly proclaim their concern and how they want to ‘help me’.

But they don’t.  It’s all dogs and ponies, bread and circuses.  Clint Eastwood’s pep talk during halftime didn’t cut it for me.  He didn’t talk about the problem and where it lives – Washington D.C.   He didn’t talk about the vultures hovering over America seeking whom they may destroy.

See the man trampling on the Law of our land – or what used to be the law of our land?  That’s a man who masquerades as a President and a citizen.  He and the rest of the politicians masquerade as people who care.  I found out who and what they care about – certainly not me.  They care about themselves and their power and whatever it takes to maintain themselves.

I found out they are from both parties.  I found out they don’t give a damn about the future of America or our children’s children.  I also found out who they serve.  They serve the Bankers, the Global puppetmasters, the Government and Labor Unions, the crony-capitalists, the corporatists, the government created monopolies and anyone who can pony up the cash to buy their votes and influence.

Still don’t recognize me?  I’m:

– the child of a military veteran who put his life on the line for that Constitution and what it represents.

– a worker whose job was given to illegals, because the politicos don’t care about their oath of office to defend our sovereignty and our borders.

– a person who used to have an ‘American Dream’, before our schools were flooded with refuse from other countries and the quality of education went down the toilet.  Where the teachers were pre-occupied with Spanish speakers whose family never attended schools before.

– a taxpayer, who when I can find a job that hasn’t been shipped to slave wage nations thousands of miles away – winds up paying twice as much in taxes as people like Mitt Romney, that have rigged the system in their favor.  I’m not asking them to pay more and I don’t resent or hate ‘Rich People’  – I’m only asking that I not shoulder all the burden.  Just stop spending like there’s no tomorrow.  I don’t need the government to be my parent – I was blessed with my own parents, thank you.

– I was a part of Occupy.  I knew something was wrong and I didn’t have any answers, but I couldn’t stay because the corrupt Democrats and their clients, the Labor Unions hooked on to it like barnacles and then insane people and criminals  joined the ranks and started doing things that made me ashamed of that movement.  Things that don’t help anyone or inspire anyone to change anything.  I found out ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’ were cynical and meaningless mottos, not calls for reform.

– I was a member of the Tea Party, but I see now how that people who want to fulfill their personal agendas have co-opted and diluted the genuine outrage that we stood to express.   I still think of myself as a Patriot and a freedom loving American – they can’t cheapen those values.

– a legal resident who pays enormous costs for gasoline and other energy needs because my government won’t develop energy resources in America.

– a statistic to an increasingly Fascist style authoritarian state that thinks nothing of forcing me to purchase a product – health insurance, while holding forth the threat of even more taxes, fees and fines.  What ever happened to people making their own economic choices with their own money.  I guess that ship has sailed.  What’s next?  Don’t tell me, my head is already swimming.

– a law abiding citizen whose 4th Amendment rights are being stripped away by a corrupt government that falsely promises me security in exchange for liberty.

– the guy who the bean counters in the Department of Labor have written off their statistics, so that they can claim they are creating jobs that simply don’t exist.

– someone who paid and is still paying for the bailouts of the banks that were too big to fail – but now those very same banks, have hounded me out of my home, onto the street instead of working out a reasonable plan to make affordable payments!  I’m not a deadbeat or a freeloader – I paid thousands in interest payments and taxes and I have a family.   Worst of all – Obama lied and mislead me about the fake Home Affordable Modification Program.  He’s the biggest phony I can imagine.  It’s all about what he and his wife can get out of the office of the Presidency, not about reaching out and helping the Middle Class people he’s always mouthing platitudes about.

– a fellow who believed in the power of the ballot box and voted for laws to maintain decency, but is now finding out that judges think they know better than I – and rule everything I and my family for generations believed in – unconstitutional!  Why there’s even a Supreme Court Justice – I think I heard that her name was Ruth Ginsberg, who thinks that maybe the Constitution that Obama is grinding under his feet, is irrelevant and outmoded and that maybe some other country’s laws ought to be considered as more ‘progressive’.

– someone who is scared out of my wits about the horrifying accumulation of national debt at the pace that it is accumulating and the sick and disgusting game that is being played behind the scenes by an unlawful Central Bank called the Federal Reserve, printing money with no oversight or accountability and even planning to use that indebtedness that they are saddling me with to bail out other international bankers, including the failing economies of Europe!

Yes, that’s me – the Forgotten Man, sitting there trying to figure out how this is all going to end for me, my family and my ‘fellow Americans’.  I hate to say this, but I’m not surprised to see former Presidents Bush, Clinton, Ford, Carter, Eisenhower, Truman, Roosevelt (FDR), Wilson, Johnson and Nixon standing behind Obama.  They all played a role in the devastation to the Constitution, the erosion of liberty and the economic crisis we’re now living with.

People tell me “Don’t be so disillusioned – we’ll  just elect Romney or Gingrich or Paul or Santorum and they’ll turn it all around”.  Sorry, those ‘superpowers’ and their capes aren’t real.  The only people that can turn this around is us.  How do I know that?

Well, just a few moments after the scene you see in the painting – and after President Reagan recovered from the shock of seeing Obama disgrace the greatest document ever produced from the minds and hearts of mortal men – he came up behind me, laid his hand on my shoulder and told me to stand up and face the tyrant and oppose him with all my strength.  He also reminded me in that quiet, but powerfully confident voice, of this:

Above all, we must realize that no arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is a weapon our adversaries in today’s world do not have.   Without God, democracy will not and cannot long endure.

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