Locomotive Breath

Posted on February 9, 2012


I thought that I should kind of take a mental break from the oppressive circumstances and the political turmoil of the country, to fulfill my pledge to serve up topics and features that are in a lighter vein – especially after ‘The Forgotten Man Speaks’.   I see that  went over like a Led Zeppelin!    Oh, well – one can’t be objective about these things, can one?  So in any event, I was looking at some completely unrelated things on YouTube, and I came across an old interview of Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull on David Letterman.

I’ve read interviews of Ian in the past and found him to be among the most articulate of rock musicians and one of a very few that has a wide scope of interests and the obvious refinement of an excellent education.  Another one that comes to mind is Mick Jagger – although I tend to be in disagreement regarding some of his notions – notably having to do with global warming.   I thought it might be interesting to see what kind of questions Letterman (the ‘num-nuts’ that he is), would discuss with Ian.

Fortunately, Letterman didn’t handle Mr. Anderson in the typical manner of triviality and facetiousness he typically accords to musicians.  Of course, in all fairness to Letterman – he actually did have a reasonably good TV show back in the day, with better guests – ones more to my liking, in any event.

What’s interesting here is the topic matter.  Ian Anderson is an astute businessman and a capitalist in the most reputable tradition of the word.  It’s not hard to identify in his tone, more than a slight amount of disdain for socialist politics and political correctness.   Note particularly, if you will – his low key sales pitch for the virtues of job creation in capitalist business endeavors.   Great interview and a trip back to the eighties.

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