Keystone Cops

Posted on February 20, 2012


It was brought to my attention yesterday by the operative that I have regularly monitoring NPR, that the Obama Presidential Campaign acknowledges his Chicago based organization is dragging the net exhaustively looking for any and all negative intel that they can find on GOP Presidential hopeful, Senator Rick Santorum.  When I first heard this I was a somewhat taken aback – not that Obama’s campaign is openly engaged in such tactics, but that NPR is alerting listeners to such a blatantly desperate strategy.

I suspect that NPR is operating in safe mode as of late, considering themselves under the Congressional microscope.   I’m beginning to get comfortable with their programming content these days, which for them may not be a good thing – probably can only mean one thing – they must be losing liberal listeners by the busload.   A little disappointing for me.  If I want to dial into some real hardcore looney Leftist rants, I have to go to MSNBC now.  Oh well.

Particularly of interest to Obama’s campaign is any fodder they might be able to obtain that would provide content for negative TV and Radio ads.  Also disclosed by NPR is the news that Obama’s campaign director in Pennsylvania, Bill Hyers, is engaged in an email campaign in the Keystone State, soliciting negative info and impressions from resident Left wingers and Democrats there.

“Folks across the country are just starting to learn about Rick Santorum as he enjoys his newfound wave of popularity,” says the note, which was signed by Bill Hyers, Pennsylvania state director for Obama for America. “But people here have known him for some time. . . . And it’s on us to make sure the rest of the country sees Rick Santorum’s true colors.”

Here, is a link to the survey on the Obama / Biden campaign website, pimping for any dirt that any Pennsylvania resident would care to spew forth about Mr. Santorum.   Pardon me, but am I the only one that thinks these tactics ripped straight from the pages of Larry Flynt’s smear job playbook, have the decided smell of dementia?

My ‘operative’ and I had a briefing on this story and we both decided it might be a funny prank on the Obama / Biden campaign to serve up a little Chiaroscuro (that’s Soviet for disinformation) by logging into the survey as a Pennsylvania resident (with a fake online identity) and claim that Rick Santorum had ‘me’ kidnapped by a Operation Rescue operative as I was on my way to an appointment at Planned Parenthood to receive abortion services.

We ‘remote viewed’ the likely overpaid, lazy, dim-bulb slob, with his Diet Coke and microwaved bogus Philly Cheese-steak, working at Obama’s campaign offices assigned to ‘analyze’ this incoming data and imagined the initial euphoria and glee at seeing such a juicy, anti-Santorum story arriving via the information ‘super-duper’ highway.  Talk about a guaranteed dump in the pants moment!

Good times!

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