Les Lives On

Posted on February 20, 2012



I’m working on some heavy topics, but I stumbled across something that I absolutely adored and wanted to share that is not politics related.  I’m a huge fan of Jeff Beck and of the ‘Godfather of the Gibson’, Les Paul.   Maybe you’ll enjoy this or maybe not, but one of the perks of being the owner of a blog, is the ability to be missionary about your personal loves.  I got some goosebumps watching this.

Now, that doesn’t guarantee that the reader will concur, but that’s OK.  If you are either of Generation Baby Boom or just someone that thinks, as I do, that musical greatness is few and far between these days, this little bit of retro heaven might just be your cup of tea.

Jeff Beck cut his teeth on Les Paul’s music and there has always been an identifiable element of Les in Jeff’s music.  Jeff recorded a tune with the Yarbirds called ‘Jeff’s Boogie’, which in reality, has Les’ bag of tricks embedded throughout.

This video is from a tribute concert and the substance of a DVD entitled ‘Les Paul’s Rock and Roll Party’, which was staged at the Iridium Club in N.Y.C., where Les played every Monday night for a number of years.   If my memory serves me, HBO, I think it was, did an awesome documentary on Les a few years back, in which was featured segments of his awesome, intimate club performances.   Well worth checking out if you haven’t yet.

When Les passed away in August 2009, at the ripe young age of 93, there was barely a ripple in the pond compared to the absurd clamor over Whitney Houston, the ‘Superstar’.   To be frank with you though – people who value substance over style will tell you that Les Paul’s impact on music in the 2oth and 21st centuries makes that of Whitney seem like a small speck on an enormous canvas.



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