The On / Off Switch

Posted on March 7, 2012


I’m someone who – for lack of anything better to listen to while driving, and because he can be very thought provoking at times, has listened to Rush’s radio show off and on for roughly 25 years.  As such, I find the endless whining and caterwauling of the Left about Rush’s transgressions, frankly tiresome at this point.  Rush put his foot in his mouth and depending on how you look at things, got whacked.  Enough already.

I’ve found myself in agreement with him on some issues and not on a host of others.  I’ve felt that he was irrationally defensive about Bush and Cheney and that he carried water for the Republican party sometimes for no better reason than that the Democrats were the ‘other team’.  On the other hand, Rush is a reliable advocate for borders and culture.

For the record, I also listen to NPR.  I used to tune it in to get a sense of the point of view of the other side of the political spectrum.  I don’t get that very much from NPR now.  They have wisely decided that because they receive a great deal of public funding and as such, are under the microscope – it’s better to emphasize journalism and neutral commentary and de-emphasize political perspectives.  But no matter, that’s not the point of my comments today.

I’ll tell you why I think it would be a bad thing for Premiere Networks to succumb to the fiendish opponents of free speech on the Left.  The main reason is not for Rush’s sake, it’s for the sake of his listeners.  When the militant censors succeed in pulling the plug on radio personalities, the consumers of the entertainment provided by radio, have just that many fewer choices.  Interesting that people who like to dub themselves ‘pro-choice’, only support the choices they approve of.

That is one of the key characteristics of liberals, that distinguishes them from people who behave like adults.  If you don’t play the game with them according to the rules they set up, they shut down the game entirely and leave.  It’s kind of a scorched earth policy.  It’s also very dangerous to a free society.

The next liberal you talk to, ask them this question.  Was it wrong for Goebbels and the German Student Association in 1933, to burn books they disapproved of?  Most likely they will wonder how you could even ask such a question. “Of course not, that was terrible!”  Then ask them how they can support censoring a radio personality.  Can they honestly say that the campaign to pressure Clear Channel into throwing Rush off the air, isn’t the equivalent of the book burnings?  These kinds of things never end well.

I’m not terribly surprised at the lack of ability to apply reasoned thought, coming from ‘progressives’.  What I am concerned with is the tendency lately of conservatives to be inclined to behave the same way.  ABC’s new sitcom, ‘Good Christian Bitches’ is precipitating a drive among those who find the premise offensive, to remove it from the air.  Disagree, protest – yes.  Censor? I don’t think so.

Folks with old fashioned common sense can look at any communication device, be it a radio, a television or even a cell phone and realize that the manufacturer’s have taken into consideration and made provision for changing the channels or turning off said device altogether.  If you don’t like a program or a personality, change the channel.  I don’t need pinheaded liberals choosing my mode of entertainment or sources of information for me – it’s decidedly un-American.

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