Fractured GOP – Is it a bad thing?

Posted on March 8, 2012


Political pundits all agree that the Republican Party is more divided than at any time in modern history.  GOP partisans decry this as a dangerous dilemma.  “We must circle the wagons and rally around the ‘inevitable’ nominee, or we’re doomed!”   Democrats applaud it as a beneficial development on their side, bolstering their hopes of regaining control of Congress and holding the White House.

I have a different view of it.  I think the dissent and ideological struggle within the GOP is inevitable, necessary and ultimately better for America and the GOP.

My argument on the inevitability of the feverish engagements among Republican factions, centers on the awakening to the consequences of eight years of George W. Bush’s ‘compassionate conservatism’.  I’d say that the GOP and Bush manipulated conservatives during that period of time and forestalled the day of reckoning. The day of reckoning is now upon us and not a minute too soon.

While Rahm Emanuel talks about a crisis being worthy of not being wasted – he probably was ripping pages out of the Bush / Cheney playbook.  Bush used the war on Terror as a convenient device to distract attention away from the enormous amounts of deficit spending and  manipulation of federal policies that subsidized the very financial interests that cratered our economy.

(Before I lose anyone here, I assure you that I understand that all of this has only gotten worse – much worse, with Obama the illegitimate pretender in the Oval Office. I harbor no illusions that Goldman Sachs is a patron to only the Republican party.  And have no fear, I will begin to go into attack mode on the tyranny, travesty and treason that is the order of the day under the Obama regime on a regular basis as we approach the general election.)

When the smoke cleared on the Bush Presidency, and it became apparent that Bush was certainly not the conservative that many wishful thinkers imagined or wanted him to be, the emergence of the Tea Party began to bloom.  Honest reflection put Bush / Cheney into true perspective for many.  Consider the reality vs. the myth of the Bush Presidency:

Amnesty for illegals (attempted).  Rules of engagement imposed on American soldiers in combat zones that exposed them to death and dismemberment.  Jerry-rigging of the tax code to shift the burden even further from the uber-wealthy towards the middle and upper middle class. 

Adding prescription drug benefits to Medicare, thus adding yet another unsustainable entitlement.

The audacity of pandering to a religion whose fundamental tenets foreswear the dominance of a Caliphate and the death and enslavement of ‘infidels’.  Remember,”Islam is a religion of peace”? 

Rigging defense contracts to enrich Cheney’s cronies, while presiding over a military strategy designed to ensure a protracted military occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Using the ‘War on Terror’ as a pretense to create a politically controlled Department of Homeland Security that has stripped the F.B.I. of its traditional and proper role of investigating and bringing to justice terror suspects operating on our soil.

Creating the monster that has become the Patriot Act as well as the T.S.A, which tramples American’s Fourth Amendment rights at our nation’s transportation terminals. 

Bush even sabotaged his own party by waiting until the day after Republicans were decimated in the 2006 Congressional election, to dismiss Donald Rumsfeld. 

All of this is merely a short list of the grievances that precipitated the Tea Party.  Many of us who tend to vote Republican because they at least pretend to share our values, decided that the masquerade needed to be brought to a halt.  And it is playing out in this GOP nomination race.

We’ve discovered that at least 3 out of the 4 candidates still standing in the contest, are serial leeches to Wall Street and Corporate special interests.  The fourth has cleaner hands, but foreswears himself from facing up to the foreign threats (Iran and North Korea) that both parties have caused to become enormously dangerous, because of either deliberate negligence or incompetence.

While all this is going on, the Democrats have their own seismic ruptures that the lamestream media are desperately trying to hide from plain view.  Their time is coming – don’t you believe that it isn’t.  A lot of the dissent, confrontation and strife will come to full boil during their party convention.  They’re laughing at Republicans now, but they’d better enjoy their chuckles while they can, because it won’t last.  One of the huge points of contention (among many), will be same sex marriage.

So, my friends, at the end of the day, this is a healthy process of awakening and understanding that has to take place as conservatives set themselves to restore the GOP to the fundamental values it pays lip service to.

It’s messy, embarrassing and painful – yes, but ultimately it will not only make the GOP more credible to its core base of supporters, but also to the independent and swing voters.  A lot of dirt that has been swept under the rug is being exposed to the detergent of sunlight.  There’s still a lot of work ahead – but getting one’s house in order?

It’s always a good thing.