Put Down the Drill, Slowly…

Posted on March 13, 2012


When a nation has embarrassing amounts of natural resources that are reasonably easy to recover  – such as the millions of barrels of sweet crude that we could be harvesting, there is some other agenda at play than can be purely explained only by environmental obstructionism.  No, I think Obama is being specifically told to block energy production here, because it doesn’t fit the goals and objectives of the global puppetmasters that Obama takes orders from.

How much less money would they stand to make if America suddenly transformed into a Energy Self-sufficient nation?  What sort of pretenses of ‘national interest’ could be trotted out to pull us into conflicts that the Executive Branch now admits they don’t care about or need Congress’ approval for?

If Obama had the say so on his own, he’d save his political bacon tomorrow morning, by ‘drilling, drilling  and drilling’ and wouldn’t lose a minutes worth of sleep wondering what HuffPo subscribers thought about it.

He has been told firmly, in no uncertain terms, NO.

One of the ‘keystones’ of the Global Shadow Government is that they seek to create monopolies and destroy the ordinary competitive nature of Capitalism where ever it stands in the way of consolidation.  That is why Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid could not let you see the Obamacare legislation until it was voted on first.

That is also why, global corporations LOVE bureaucratic regulatory agencies and onerous regulations.  They can restructure their business to accommodate and profit from the dictates of Big Government; the up and coming competitors cannot, so they fall by the wayside.

Bye,bye competitors, hello monopolies, hello fatter profits and less taxes (because they send their accountants down to Capitol Hill to write the tax codes).  You’ll pardon my French, but you want to see the Sh!t the fan bigtime?   Just let anyone in Washington take a good run at  making Wall Street, the Banks and the Multi-Nationals actually pay taxes.  The ‘Buffett Rule’ by now is a laughingstock.  His lips move, but the pen to write a check for the taxes he owes remains idle.

Bruce Springsteen has been exposed as a fat cat tax hypocrite.  He pimps for Obama and advocates higher taxes, but he hides behind a New Jersey State tax loophole that allows him to grow a few rows of Tomatoes on his acreage and re-classify the property as ‘Farmland’ for a quarter of a million dollar tax dodge.   No, my friends, the only ones that are going to pay the bill for both the Corporate and Welfare freeloaders is you.

Why don’t we just stop the silliness and start drilling our own oil here in America.  And while we’re at it, why don’t we save guys like Mitt Romney the expense of hiring a pricey C.P.A. and just lower his tax rate a couple of points and get rid of the deductions and dodges?  Then you,  me,  Mitt Romney, Warren Buffett and GE will all pay ‘our fair share’.