Chock Full O’ Nuts

Posted on March 14, 2012


Here’s a ‘family portrait’ of the executive staff at Credo Wireless.

I had an interesting exchange of views with an individual from one of the groups (the activist wing-nutz of Credo Wireless) – that is pounding on Rush’s advertisers to withdraw their support from his program.  Don’t ask me how or why I receive these solicitations – the simple answer is that I keep tabs on the activists on the other side of the political spectrum.  I suffer through their foolishness so that you don’t have to.

Occasionally, there will be points of convergence, where I will get alerts asking me to sign a petition for something along the lines of “please tell the government of Sudan to stop the rape and murder of mothers and their children”.  That kind of thing.  Fine.  But much of the time,  comes the whack, far left crusades, where they want to punish people for their diverging points of view.

I usually ignore those and flush ’em down the delete crapper.  However, today was one day where I had to call them out.   Here’s what happened:

Mar 14 11:33 (PDT):  Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2012 08:58:05 -0500
Subject: Rush Limbaugh’s remaining advertisers.   

I couldn’t be more philosophically opposed to what you are doing. This campaign of yours is a mockery of Democratic values. There is virtually no difference between your drive to push Rush Limbaugh off the air than the book burnings in Nazi Germany sponsored by the German Students Association and presided over by Joseph Goebbels.  

Censorship is a much more dangerous threat to Democracy and Freedom of Speech than Rush Limbaugh will ever be. You really need to rethink this one.    Every communication device, whether it be a Television, a Radio or even a cell phone has on on/off switch. In the case of the radio in your car, home or office – it has a knob enabling you to switch the channel.

If you’re not willing to exercise your choice in that manner, you must have another agenda that you are pursuing. What you don’t understand is that your campaign serves the purpose of setting the stage for another tyrannical regime such as Stalin, Mao or Hitler’s.   

Here’s the response I received back, (was not expecting one):

Shannon Little, Mar 14 15:11 (PDT):Thanks for your email.

At CREDOAction, we have a strong commitment to the 1st amendment. It’s why we have given millions of dollars to groups like the ACLU, the Center for Constitutional Rights, Free Press and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. There’s no question in our minds that Rush Limbaugh has a right to say what he wants to say The issue we are raising with this campaign is whether businesses want to validate Limbaugh’s speech as his advertisers, and to associate their brands with Limbaugh’s hateful speech. 

The First Amendment protects us from government efforts to suppress individuals’ speech. The government can’t, and shouldn’t censor Limbaugh — but we believe that consumers have a right to engage businesses about whether or not their company wants to provide a platform for what he is doing. If our email was not clear and suggested we wanted to censor Limbaugh, then we apologize — that is absolutely not our intention.

We want to help activists use their power in the consumer marketplace to demonstrate that promoting voices of hate, racism and xenophobia is bad for business.   Again, we’re grateful you took the time to share your concerns with us. We know not every campaign will resonate with every member, and look forward to your support on future campaigns.

A couple interesting details to comment on before I finish up with the rebuttal I sent back.   The first person to send me the original petition invite was ‘Becky’.  The response to my comments had ‘Shannon Little’ on the from line, and then the answer to my comments is signed by ‘Heidi’.  Sounds like there is an identity crisis there – or everyone uses aliases in their daily communications with participants.

I didn’t address the gratuitous and unfounded buzz words and cliches of ‘hateful speech’, ‘hate’, ‘racism’, ‘xenophobia’, etc.   A couple of reasons.

First, these little ‘progressobots’ have been so programmed by the slanted Left indoctrination that mimics a college education these days that you can’t even talk like an adult with them and get them off of their silly shibboleths and Marxist-o-babble.  Their brains (in the loosest sense of the term) have been wired incorrectly – yet, with the ‘Don Quixote Complex’ that I have, I strive with my last ounce of patience (my apologies to the writer of the song ‘Impossible Dream’).

Secondly, I wanted to argue this from a politics neutral standpoint and perhaps employ a ‘teachable moment’, based on enlightened self interest.  My line of argument will explain itself.

Here’s what I sent back.  I rather doubt that they will have anything in the way of a rejoinder, but if I do get one, I’ll update y’all.


I appreciate the respectful tone of your reply – and I will respond in kind.  But you can try to massage the censorship argument as much as you like and try to position it as something else, and it still amounts to the same thing.  Corporate America lives in daily fear of ‘offending’ anyone.  As such, it is a natural tactic for those who are intolerant of free speech to employ the ‘advertiser bombardment’ strategy.  Advertisers are NOT promoting Rush Limbaugh’s point of view.  Advertisers (other than such as Credo Wireless and Progressive Auto Insurance) simply want access to Rush’s millions of listeners – nothing more, nothing less.

I’m telling you that what looks good to you now, because merely the existence of Rush Limbaugh and others of that political point of view annoy you, is a perilous maneuver with enormous potential to be used against  progressive points of view.  Pull yourself back from the brink and reconsider this.  Where you might wind up at the end of the day is an environment where Americans will not only – not have access to opinions and entertainment of their choice, but where we cannot even dialog with one another because everyone is operating in an atmosphere of fear.

If you despise a personality on radio or TV – criticize and attack their positions relentlessly – please.  I strongly encourage that.  That’s the American Way.   But these bullying campaigns against advertisers (all of whom are notoriously weak-kneed) are going to lead to content that is so superfluous, innocuous and bland, that the flavor of dissent and non-conformance to groupthink will be extinguished.  Please, that tuning dial and your remote control is a much safer option for all of us.

Just so you know – I’m not singling out any political orientation here.  Some conservatives want to have advertisers pull the plug on ABC’s ‘Good Christian Bitches’.  I strongly  disagree.  The only thing that should pull the plug on any program is poor ratings.