Erase and start over politics

Posted on March 23, 2012


Hi Folks,

sorry for the dearth of content from Blasted Fools central for the past week.  I’ve been assisting my 88 year old mom with some family business and have had limited contact with wireless access.

Sometimes that’s not such a bad thing, only you wind up getting behind with things like emails and blog posting.

Now that I’m back in my virtual ‘Center for Freedom and Conservative Action’ headquarters (I just made that up – not bad, eh?), I have a backlog of fools that need attending to.

As the Romney freight train by all accounts, looks unstoppable, I thought I’d offer an observation about the latest stir over Eric Fehrnstrom’s (Mitt Romney’s Campaign Director) comments about Mitt and the Etch A Sketch.  I think many of my generation had one of these as a kid.

Boy did you ever find out who had patience and artistic inclinations and who had attention deficit disorder and little in the way of actual talent.   I had a little talent, but not much discipline.  Things haven’t changed much since then.

Anyway, as you know, if you’ve been following my posts, I have consistently maintained that Romney, once he breaks out of the box of the GOP nominating process is going to be difficult to manage with respect to the commitments and promises he’s made to us conservatives.   Mr. Fehrnstrom’s comments amount to a fraudian slip of the tongue – but a very truthful revelation, nonetheless.

We saw this firsthand in California last year, when Meg Whitman, the whiz of eBay, ran against Jerry Brown for the Governor’s seat.  She began her campaign, throwing out a lot of red meat for the Republican base – especially positioning herself as against amnesty, in favor of e-verify and curtailing social services for illegals.

Once she flim-flammed her way past her challengers in the primary and began to focus on the general election, she flipped the switch and immediately began pandering to Latinos and the illegal contingent big time.

The only hitch was that she is a hypocrite.  She had been knowingly having an illegal working in her home as a maid and as soon as it dawned on her that this would be a political liability, tossed the woman to the curb.  The only problem with that was that the woman didn’t land in the curb, but landed in Gloria Allred’s arms instead and the rest is history – or ‘herstory’, if you prefer.

The gist of Mr. Fehrnstrom’s comments of course, is that Mitt Romney is going to repudiate every ‘severely’ conservative sweet nothing he ever whispered in our ear or into a mike in front of thousands of witnesses, once he trims his sails to compete with Obama for the centrist / moderate / swing vote.

I haven’t talked about Mitt Romney much until now.  I do want to say that I do not hate the man.  Far from it, I don’t even dislike him.  I think he seems to be a fine individual.  I think you would agree with me that you can have friends and acquaintances that you have fond feelings toward, but that you still have varying degrees of reservations and trust issues about.

With Mitt Romney, I think the essential problem boils down to the fact that he, like the vast majority of career politicians (yes, I know he was also a businessman), have enormous egos that need to be fed.   The ego demands power and the power demands allegiances.   You and I are not allegiances.  We’re not writing out a check at a $38,000 a plate fundraiser.  We’re not dropping a cool million or ten into his SuperPac.   Those are the people that he takes his marching orders from.

I’d certainly enjoy meeting Mitt and having lunch with him, but putting him in the White House is like handing him the keys to my home.  That’s not the best analogy, because obviously Mitt is not a kleptomaniac – but he’s just someone you would be inclined to take a managerial approach with.  By that I mean, he’s a good, smart and capable worker, but you have to look over his shoulder to make sure he’s working for you and not someone else like Goldman Sachs, the Banksters and the corporatists that believe they see themselves in the 14th Amendment, referred to as a ‘person’!

If things persist in the direction they are going, that is going to be your job – to manage Mitt Romney.   You won’t get a lot of sleep.  Imagine getting an Alligator by the tail and getting Mitt to govern like a conservative will seem like a cinch in comparison.

Sure, it’s possible that Mitt may have had a real, honest to goodness conservative ‘religious conversion’.  That’s possible.  It’s also possible that my flatulence may one day smell like Lilacs, that Hugh Hefner will stop taking Viagra, that Chaz Bono might switch back to being a female, that…well, you get the idea.

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