Mob Law or Court of Law

Posted on March 27, 2012


This is one of those situations that the media jumps on early and shapes and molds the reporting thereof, in order to fit the narrative that they consistently promote.  The narrative of course is that Blacks are always victims and Whites are always responsible for their distress and repression and problems in life.

The first thing in this set up to a narrative was the picture of the ‘child’ (a 17 year old), Trayvon, in his high school football uniform.   He has a face that might be mistaken for a 13 year old – so much the better.  So this is not a post-pubescent young man on the cusp of adulthood – this is a child and must be constantly referred to as such, in order to further the narrative.

Then all we know about the circumstance, is that he was on his way back from getting an Ice Tea and Skittles.  Again, selective promotion of childlike characteristics and intentions.   If I may diagram this, it is clear that the premise behind the reporting is to emotionally appeal to the viewer in order to make the investigation process a matter of trivia and to introduce the racial motive which, again, is central to the narrative.

As much sympathy as I have for the parents and family of Trayvon Martin, the fact that Trayvon’s father enlisted an attorney with a race-centric / civil rights perspective, unfortunately gives even more impetus and momentum to the preferred media fictionalization.   This then, opens the door to the Black Panthers (who have continuously threatened Whites with murder and mayhem), Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the Southern Law Poverty Center, the NAACP and all the rest of that ilk.  So now you’ve seen in recent days, a stream of threats of mob violence and vigilantism coming from those elements.

The second key part of the media narrative is the role of gun freedom, the 2nd Amendment and laws that support this freedom of self protection, as menacing to public safety.   Although they can’t come out and directly say that if Florida did not have a ‘Stand Your Ground Law’, Trayvon would be alive today, the persistent manner in which the law is referenced is meant to suggest just that very thing.

I must say that one of the cherished ideals of the hard core lunatic Left is that accessibility of guns for criminals, is tantamount to a principal of affirmative action.  Blacks and Hispanics need guns in order to facilitate the recovery of assets and equities that have been taken away or denied by a racist society.

I assure you that you could provoke them to reveal this viewpoint in an unguarded moment if you are persistent enough.  It’s kind of the Cloward-Piven theory adapted to the social order.  Conversely, they also adore the utopian notion of having most Police disarmed, much in the manner of constables in Londonistan.  Of course, this sentiment usually is confined to the wealthy Leftist who can afford the luxury of living in a gated, guarded community.

The added benefit of disarming Whites – from this perspective, is to render them powerless to resist the New World Order that the utopian elites hope to impose at some opportune moment in the near future.  But I’m getting a little off subject here.

There’s also the gratuitous smear job directed towards Neighborhood Watch.  One report I saw, described them as a ‘Community Vigilante’ organization.  Say what????  I’ve never seen any studies that indicate that such a prejudicial characterization is warranted with a broad stroke of the Yellow Journalistic brush.

Unfortunately for the script that the media is putting forth, are some of the contradictory threads of fact that are emerging.  One is that George Zimmerman is not, by any intellectually honest, objective standard, ‘White’ in any sense other than his name.  He is without question, racially Hispanic or Latino.

Not that I care – but it was such a matter of colossal importance to the media to frame this as White on Black violence and now the rug has been pulled out from underneath that presupposition.  The next deal breaker is – horror of horrors!, George has a Black friend who has come forth to vouch for his character and personality – Mr. Joe Oliver.

Oh my, that’s inconvenient.  Well, it could  be worse.  Joe Oliver could have had a Black Muslim type name – ‘Muck-mood’ or one of those invented names like ‘Tyreese, Shameekwa, Buttifa, Ureeethra, Oneekwa, La Squisha’, etc. – but he doesn’t.  He speaks with articulation, looks mainstream (not a hoodie wearer) and is vulnerable to ‘Uncle Tom’ characterizations.   Good enough.  But just when things look like they might be within the bounds of damage control – the nuclear ‘fact’ comes rolling out of the chute.  George Zimmerman is a … REGISTERED DEMOCRAT!!!!!!!!  I can hear the collective screams of agony and cognitive dissonance ringing in my ear.

I’ll have to admit to you that in the initial phase of the reporting, I myself even bought into the storyline as shaped by the establishment media.  The way they assemble and disseminate a limited, but very suggestive set of facts can even seduce people with critical thinking faculties – for a period of time anyway.  In the end though, Americans must resist the seduction of the media’s modus operandi of throwing the constitutionally guaranteed presumption of innocence out the window.

I’m not saying that they necessarily intend to inflame the Black community into rioting and mob violence, but they have to know that the manner in which they are handling this story has that potential.

Blacks commit atrocious violence against Whites with a statistical frequency that makes incidents like this controversy seem trivial in comparison – but political correctness dictates that such crimes can never gain the kind of attention, traction and political significance that this incident can.

Most law enforcement agencies are so fearful of the wrath of the progressive political apparatus and the media that they will stop eating donuts before they will classify a crime committed by a Black as a hate crime.  I don’t believe in the concept of hate crime, but until that genie is put back into the lamp and the lid shut tight, the hypocrisy is pretty corrosive.

One more observation, and I’m sure you all picked up on this – note the clown at the end of this video, (is it Charlie Rose?), exactly 2 minutes and 35 seconds into the interview asks Mr. Oliver if he spoke to George Zimmerman over the weekend.   Pardon me, but this dumbass Rose, doesn’t even have a sufficient attention span or short term memory that he doesn’t remember 2 1/2 minutes later that the female reporter already asked Joe Oliver if he had spoken to Zimmerman over the weekend?  Stupidity combined with fecklessness is a dangerous combination indeed.

It is my hope that somehow all of this hysteria can get ratcheted down and we can do the proper thing and wait for the results of the Grand Jury investigation and the process of law to come full circle.  That’s my hope, but I think I can already here the gates of Hell sliding open on their tracks.

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