The Democrat Base

Posted on March 28, 2012


Quick programming note:  Warning – Bill Maher’s usually filthy mouth is uncensored in this video clip.

I saw this originally on CNN when I was out at mom’s.  I don’t have cable at home – there’s nothing to watch.  She even admits that sometimes she goes through the entire selection of channels, gives up in disgust and goes to feed the ducks or ‘feed the Indians’ (her slang for heading out to play the slots at the Indian casino).

I’m trying to wean her off of CNN and a little more towards Fox News – although they are largely worthless as well.   She likes Greta Susteren anyway.  But that’s a side story.

In any event, when it was explained that it was Alexandra Pelosi (Daughter of Nancy) that filmed this segment and showed it on Bill Maher’s program on HBO, I just about thought that someone had slipped a hallucinatory substance in my drink.

I thought it was the job of progressives to cover up and ignore the scandal of Welfare slugs in America.  However – the more I think about it, the more sense it makes for Ms. Pelosi, on behalf of the Democrat party, to highlight the disease of welfare dependency in the lower socio-economic strata.  Because when you think about it – how can the Democrats pretend to abhor the ‘tax entitlements’ and corporate welfare of their ‘1 percenter’, rich campaign donors, without at least acknowledging that able bodied Americans are getting a free ride as well.

You, my friends – the Middle Class, are the beast of burden for both sets of freeloaders – the wealthy and the corporations, who successfully lobby for loopholes in the tax laws, and the barnacles at the bottom that are addicted to ‘Obama Bucks’.

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