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Posted on March 31, 2012


Keith Olbermann.  Sometimes schmucks get their comeuppance for all the right reasons.  We didn’t launch a campaign against Olbermann to get his advertisers to drop him.  Uh, wait – that wouldn’t have been possible, because Olbermann had no sponsors on Current TV other than AlGore.   O.K., unlike the volcanic eruption of lefties trying to censor Limbaugh, Olbermann got the plug pulled because even AlGore couldn’t stand his disagreeable a$$ anymore.

As philosophically aligned as those two were, it must have taken a lot for Keith to piss off Al, but he did.

Olbermann always gave me a headache.  It’s remarkable how long this guy lasted at NBC, MSNBC and then Current TV, before the migraines he gave them were unbearable.  I didn’t mind that he was sucking up oxygen at MSNBC and Current, but when I had to endure this clown during ‘Football Night in America’ on NBC – that was just more than I could deal with.

As much of a political junkie I may be, I want to escape it (politics) for a brief while when I attempt to watch a sports event.  Naturally, NBC at the time, could not bring themselves to publicly admit that Keith was annoying the guano out of regular ‘Joe Football Fan’.  But he was just as gone.

I guess the biggest loser in all of this is Janeane Garafalo (I think Garafalo is a conjunction between the words ‘Garrotte’ and ‘Buffalo’).   She had an audience during her frequent guest appearances on Olbermann’s show of what – maybe a half dozen, give or take 6?  Where is she going to go to run at the mouth with every foolish, deranged, bitter and myopic thought (I use the term thought, loosely here) that pops into her mind (again, I use the term mind, loosely)?   I doubt she could get people to listen to her ‘progressodribble’ at a stand up club – they’d stand up and walk out.

Let’s face it – liberals can make a point and at the same time be funny.  Jon Stewart is an example.  Even Bill Maher is capable.  Janeane is just a very creepy, socially maladjusted, true believer Marxist that turns people off – as does Olbermann.  I noticed on her Wiki, that in 2006, she provided the voice for the animated character “Bearded Clam” on Comedy Central’s ‘Freak Show’.  Wow, I can’t think of art imitating life any more poignantly than that!

So now AlGore is replacing Keith’s timeslot with Elliott Spitzer?  What is the deal?  Is AlGore the Al Davis of obscure, irrelevant political TV?   Elliott Spitzer gets booted out of office in N.Y., then booted off CNN, and now Current TV is giving him a do-over?  I guess winding up on Current TV is the equivalent of one having been in semi-pro Baseball and then being sent down to ‘Pony Baseball’?  No offense, Pony leaguers.

After Spitzer fails to light anyone’s fire at Current, what are they going to replace him with – Anthony Weiner?  Maybe they can set up a remote studio in FCI Englewood and have Rod Blagojevich host a show from prison?

Keith Olbermann is certainly not ‘The Worst Person in the World’, but he is now, one of the most irrelevant.

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