What was I thinking? What am I thinking?

Posted on April 16, 2012


well, now with 110 posts under my belt and a lot of new readers (bless you all), I thought it might be of some small degree of value in defining my mission here.  This came up recently when one of my faithful readers honored me by offering some points of correction regarding my dereliction of duty regarding a couple of facts on the ‘Premature Ejaculation’ post.

I wrote him a reply explaining my philosophy about what it is I’m doing and thinking, and once I concluded said response, it occurred to me that I’d like to share those thoughts with you and benefit from any input, suggestions, ideas, criticism, expertise that you may be able to impart to me as well.   Here’s what I wrote:

“Just to elaborate a bit on my point of view with regard to what and how I write the posts.  If one hops around the web, Real Clear Politics, NewsMax, WND, Human Events, Daily Caller, etc,etc, – most everything you find, is the same topic bludgeoned to death by 500 or so writers, most of which are getting real wonky with all the charts and graphs and diggings from the Library of Congress and the American Enterprise Institute, la la la la la.  All of that’s good and there are some phenomenal writers amongst them, whose work I really respect and enjoy. 

After a lot of careful thought and keen observation, it became clear to me that there was no particular purpose behind doing more of what is already out there.

The other thing I noted was that most folks that are politically minded (not all – but most), have either a limited amount of time to absorb current events or a limited attention span.  As a writer, I also considered my own strengths and weaknesses.  You and I took journalism from “Jerry” Klein.  I know what the rules and best practices of journalism are and I wish more of those who are engaged in it as a profession would follow those rules. 

I’m not aspiring to be a journalist or to write journalistically.  Obviously, since spell check didn’t approve of my spelling of journalistically!  Don’t tell me if journalistically is not a proper word – I don’t want to know.

My inclination and interest do not lay in that direction.  I started thinking about what can I bring to the table?  My literary or writing ‘voice’ isn’t a journalistic one.  I can produce a semi-academic, fact based argumentative outline of a particular topic when I’m in the rare mood, but what I mainly set out to do is mix information with entertainment.  Infotainment? 

So, although I don’t purpose to misrepresent names, places and things – when I do, it is deliberate to the extent that it serves the dictates of facetiousness, which is one of my writing devices.  I tend to think of the scholarly, exhaustive type of books and articles as coming out of places like New York, London and with respect to politics, Washington D.C.

Those books are great and I am very appreciative of those authors who leave no stone or seemingly trivial speck of fact or research item unturned.  I am a voracious reader, so without them I would not be able to indulge my curiosity about History, Economics, Anthropology, Cultures, Religions and Geography. 

It’s just that the reader I am seeking to serve is more typically looking for a few hard hitting, essential facts and talking points arranged on the dish with some whimsy and amusement.  I like to think what I’m doing is something like a fight trainer and my readers, the boxer.  I want to give you the basic coaching to go out and K.O. your opponents in the world of ideas.  So, in sum, Blasted Fools is a mix of opinion, commentary and sarcasm. 

The very name of the site should suggest that I’m going to regularly be taking swipes at the politicians, celebrities, bureaucrats, global manipulators and corporations that attempt to run your life and confiscate your property on virtually a daily basis.  I don’t think that niche is tapped out.  If it is, I’ll soon come to that conclusion, but I really only see growth moving forward.  What I am trying to do is to understand and apply best practices to publicize my blog and gain exposure to a wider audience.  It’s a slow but steady climb.”

Well, anymore on this subject is fluff, so I will close with this.  I invite you, the readers, to contribute your thoughts as to what is relevant and meaningful – because at the end of the day, if I don’t inspire and motivate and entertain you – there’s no point.  I might as well go listen to some music and pretend our country isn’t in the mess that it’s in.

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