The ‘Action Equation’

Posted on April 30, 2012


My best friend is working on some politically sensitive projects, consulting the GOP on Asian foreign policy matters, so for the sake of this particular post, I’ll assign him a nom de plume – ‘Thomas Paine’, we’ll say.  He has his reasons and they are good ones and so do I.   Anyway, he just provided me with a gripe and an equation.   First the gripe – and this is pretty universal, “We’re just preaching to the choir”.   I agree, we must do more than that.

Here’s his equation:


The breakdown?   (Pissing + Moaning) (without Direct Action) (is less than Results) = (Status Quo)     

I also received a comment on my recent post, ‘Rape-A-Nations‘, from Carolyn, a colleague in Freedom Connector.  She too, expressed a frustration and a question that I am hearing from many people that are concerned with America and the threats we face from within.  It’s something that I have been giving a lot of careful thought to as well.   Here’s Carolyn’s message to me:

“This may be a little ‘off topic’ but I think that we have to find a way to get the media to actually ‘report the facts’……talk about being ‘bought’…….radio, TV, newspapers… get only what the ‘powers that be’ want to you to know……and, sadly, most people believe what they hear and read in the media and don’t know where to find the real ‘facts’. We are America…..try reading the Federalist Papers, Declaration of Independence, and, what, The Constitution, really????  Oh, my…….such ‘old fashioned words’, to understand or even be bothered with……we’ve tried many ways of ‘shaking up the troops’ but only if you follow ‘honest blogs’ like this one do you find the truth and like minded people….how can we expand???? Any thoughts, ideas for ACTION????”

Action!  We’re getting restless.  Some of it has to do with the way that the Tea Party has shifted gears towards an election mentality away from the earlier phase of protest rallies and town hall confrontations.  Now, the sense is that conservatives want to somehow successfully arrest the attention of the ‘politically disengaged’ – or what I call the ‘Asleep at the Wheel’.  That’s a large segment of Americans.  Here was what I wrote back to Carolyn:

“Carolyn,  the like minded people find each other.  Obama’s infringements are metastasizing to the degree that they are touching Americans’ lifestyles in so many different ways. Find out what particular issue is impacting someone’s life and you have found an opening to convert them to conservative principals and getting rid of Obama.   I’ll give you two quick examples.

Do you know anyone with Asthma?  Have they been treating their Asthma with an over the counter inhaler?  Well, under Obama’s watch, the unelected bureaucrats at the FDA have decided that the United States would join an international agreement to ban CFC’s (the propellent that delivers the broncho-dilator in the inhaler) from inhalers – so now Asthma sufferers can no longer go down to Walgreen’s to get a replacement of Primatene Mist.  There is absolutely nothing on the shelves of any kind. 

That’s Obama throwing Asthma sufferers under the bus for the sake of Political Correctness.  Now people have to visit a Doctor’s office, sit there with other people that probably have God knows what disease until the Doctor can see them, pay for an expensive office visit and then go back to Walgreen’s to wait in line for a prescription inhaler that by most accounts now, doesn’t even work as well as Primatene Mist. 

This is a travesty.  My son and I  are two people affected by this.  I assure you that if you connect the dots with a friend that has a child with Asthma, they will begin to see how the Federal Government has turned into a ‘Fearful Master’ – a monster out of control.  The other one that hits everyone except liberal elites, is gas prices.   Next time that topic comes up with an acquaintance, simply point out that Obama and the Democrats are holding this country’s economy hostage to irrational environmentalists and Middle Eastern dictatorial regimes that sponsor terrorism.  One more quick one while I’m on a roll. 

Know anyone that flies frequently?  Explain how the TSA stupidity is accountable to the Obama Administration and in order to reform passenger screening, we need to get him out of office.   Bottom Line, it is these ‘lifestyle’ infringements that are going to convert the ‘asleep at the wheel’ American Idol zombies into motivated voters come November. Make sense?”

So, that was my suggestion to her at the time.  Another suggestion that I have is if you happen to be reading a story that has a comments section at the end and you feel that people are struggling to wrap their minds around the truth, why not copy the address to a post that I have written on ‘Blasted Fools’ that is topic relevant and paste it in the dialog box?
Some people in the political middle are searching and they need to be directed toward the conservative ‘alternative media’ of which I consider myself a small (at this stage) but potent rising force.  I really do believe there is a lot of value in reaching out to the politically disengaged in this country, who sense that things are wrong, but can’t really articulate it or put their finger on what it is.  That is why I’ve began to put more effort into placing a lot of ‘tags’ on the posts, so that people who are searching random topics can find me in much the same way I find valuable research material on the net, somewhat accidentally.

I hope that I can help you turn around a few ‘Asleep at the Wheel’ folks that you know.  If you need a particular topic covered, let me know.  If you want to place a blog on my blogroll on a reciprocating basis, I’m glad to do so.   If you’re writing an ‘eBook’, I’ll be glad to promote it – of course the only stipulation, being that it conform to generally accepted conservative principals.  I plan to use the ‘eBook’ strategy myself in the battle to rid Washington of Obama and his ilk, from now until November.

And if you have good ideas on how to impact ‘independent’ voters in this Presidential election cycle, please share them with us.