The Party of the ‘Little Guy’

Posted on May 3, 2012


‘The Democrats – Party of the Poor’

As many of you who have been following my posts already know, I am an equal opportunity icon buster, when it comes to the political parties in America. When the GOP is trying to ‘run a sandy’ on voters, I call them out.

The Democrats, though, just have a chronic case of blowing the same old, stale smoke in people’s faces and they have a few particular wrinkles that keep showing up that no amount of Botox will cover up.  For me, the monumental, smoldering pile is that the ‘Democrats are the Party of the Poor’.  The other tiresome variant is, ‘Democrats – for the Little Guy’.

Now, on one hand, there is some literal truth to this statement. As long as liberals, progressives, new deal hangovers and large blocks of minorities continue to vote in Democrats, Democrats will do their part to keep producing more poverty. They’ve been doing it a long time – by my calculation, at least 80 years or longer.

But that’s not what Democrat pieholes mean by the phrase, ‘Party of the Poor’. They are attempting to perpetuate the notion that wealthy people – what we now call ‘1 percenters’ are Republicans exclusively and that the Democrat party derives it’s plasma injections from the Working and Middle Class.

Is this true or is it simply a public relations mantra that doesn’t even begin to pass the smell test?  Well, lets look at some well heeled folks who happen to be in Congress themselves, or contribute piles of money to politicians and political action committees and see what they all have in common:

  • Senator John Kerry / Massachusetts – $1.3 Billion
  • Senator Jay Rockefeller / West Virginia – $136 Million
  • Former House Member Jane Harmon – $ .5 Billion
  • House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi – $32.5 M
  • Senator Mark Warner / Virginia – $100 M +
  • Senator Dianne Feinstein / California – $50M +
  • Rep. Jared Polis / Colorado – $ .7 Billion
  • Former Senator / Governor Jon Corzine (NJ) – wealth estimate dynamic due to MF Global
  • Senator Frank Lautenberg / New Jersey – $116 M
  • Goldman Sachs CEO / Lloyd C. Blankfein -$ .5 B
  • J.P. Morgan CEO / Jamie Dimon – $200M
  • Warren Buffett / Billionaire
  • George Soros / Billionaire
  • Sergey Brin / Billionaire
  • Larry Page / Billionaire
  • Kirk Kerkorian / Billionaire
  • Abigail Johnson / Billionaire
  • Jeffrey Katzenberg / $900 M
  • David Geffen / $4.4 Billion
  • Steven Spielberg / $2.7 Billion
  • James Cameron / $ 70 M
  • Ted Turner / $ 1.9 Billion
  • George Lucas / $6.2 Billion
  • Oprah Winfrey / $1.3 Billion
  • Charles Koch / Billionaire
  • Steven Ballmer / Billionaire
  • Former Senator and V.P.O.T.U.S. / Al Gore – $100 M +
  • Bill Gates / Billionaire
  • Larry Ellison – Oracle CEO / $36 B
  • Former Senator John Edwards (NC) / (maybe soon joining the ranks of the former rich)
  • Robert Wolf / President United Bank of Switzerland (UBS) – Billionaire

Ah, you’re good – that’s right they’re all Democrats! There are hundreds more heavyweights that could be added to the above list – especially in light of the fact that Democrats, for the sake of their phony tax argument, consider family income above $250,000 to be ‘wealthy’.

But it gets even more interesting.  In the group of the top 20 richest Americans, Democrats have a combined net worth of $263.1 billion dollars while the Republicans have a combined net worth of only $143.9 billion dollars – almost half that of Democrats. 75 percent of the top 20, as listed in Forbes Top 100, are … wait for it…Democrats.

Senator Joe, say it ain’t so!  But he can’t.  You’ll recall the fundraiser he, Biden, hosted one at one of John Kerry’s little po’ Democratic shacks recently, where the price of the dalliance was just a piddlin’ little ol’ $10,000.00 per plate.  That would buy a lot of Kentucky Fried Chicken dont’cha know?

Of course, ten grand a plate is for the ‘Little Guy’ Democrats.  Most of the big hitters eagerly plunk down $40K, $50K a plate out in Silicon Valley and Hollywood and all the other slums that the ‘poor Democrats’ live in.

Democrats are no strangers to upscale voters either.  Obama won the segment making over $200,000 a year by 6 percentage points and captured eight out of 10 of the wealthiest counties in America.  Obama also raised more money than John McCain among many industry groups, including investment bankers, hedge fund managers, lawyers and entertainment.

Michelle Obama herself, was a dreaded ‘1 percenter’, with her $316,962 job at the University of Chicago Hospital.

But wait, surely Obama himself prefers to surround himself with management types in the White House that can relate to the ‘little guy’, right?  Wrong. Huff Po reports the following:

President Obama’s new chief of staff, Jacob Lew, made $1.1 million in one year working for Citigroup. His prior chief of staff, William Daley, made $8.7 million in roughly one year working for JPMorgan Chase. His original chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, made $16 million working for an investment firm. Judging by this record, President Obama only feels comfortable entrusting his affairs to men who have earned outrageous paydays.

The Obama 1 percenters abound. President Obama’s first national economic director, Larry Summers, earned $600,000 as president of Harvard, then went to a hedge fund where he made $5 million in one year, before joining the administration. His first budget director, Peter Orszag, left to make $2 million to $3 million a year at Citigroup. His current national-security adviser, Tom Donilon, got $7 million from his work at Fannie Mae from 2000 to 2003.”

Then there’s the not insignificant number of rich Democrats that rank among the rogue’s gallery of tax cheats.  Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, Former S.D. Senator Tom Daschle, California Congressman Pete Stark, New York Congressman Charlie Rangel, Florida Congressman Robert Wexler.  Again, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Bruce Springsteen slashes his tax obligation by using a bizarre loophole involving a ‘Tomato garden’ on his huge acreage in New Jersey.  Film director James Cameron has become weary of paying American taxes altogether and has pulled up stakes for New Zealand.  I’m sure he’ll still be forking over money to Democrats, though.

And we all know about the Democrats who became more wealthy, simply by campaign money laundering by multiplication.  Insurance News Net reports:

During the 2008 election cycle, Obama raised a record-breaking $745 million, with some of his largest campaign contributions streaming from Google, Microsoft, General Electric, WilmerHale, and Goldman Sachs. Indeed, Obama’s top 20 donors doled out $13,382,825 in 2008, more than three times the $4,034,622 contributed by John McCain’s top 20 donors.”

If that sounds impressive, just in February of this year, Federal Election Commission records reveal $21 million dollars from banksters on Wall Street. You know, once again, the usual peons among the likes of Wells Fargo & Co., (WFC) JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS).

Then there’s the ‘Green jobs’ investment scams that you all know about, because you paid for them – while the beneficiaries laughed all the way to the Democrat poor house with lavish Golden Parachutes and fat bonuses for bankrupting their companies.  Forget where the hell is D.B. Cooper – where have all these people landed and why can’t we get our money back?  I’m sorry, I had a brief attack of naivete.

A similar case, is Shervin Nevan, a hedge fund manager and campaign bundler for Obama.  The SEC has charged him with stealing more than $7.5 million from 11 investors in a Ponzi scheme that targeted members of the Persian-Jewish community in Los Angeles.  I guess the hedge fund scam wasn’t enough, so he had to go Bernie Madoff on his own friends.

According to the SEC, Neman raised funds from at least 11 investors in the fraudulent securities offering. Most of the investors were members of the Los Angeles Persian-Jewish community along with Neman.  Neman spent nearly $1.6 million of investor funds to buy jewelry and high-end cars, and to finance his wedding and honeymoon, lavish vacations, and VIP tickets to sporting events.

Don’t count on the ‘Legacy Media’ to challenge any of the Democrat party spokesholes whenever they repeat this nonsense about their party being in touch with the Middle class and working Americans – it doesn’t fit in with the narrative.

Now, I’m not a Rhodes Scholar like a former schoolmate of my wife’s, who is now a big shot campaign fundraiser / contributor to Barry and the Dems; but I think I have enough smarts to at least have a real tough time believing that all these ‘Fat Asses’ are coughing up enormous sums of money to promote policies that will strip them of their mansions, Swiss bank accounts, Ferraris, vacation homes, sky boxes, Central Park East apartments, 127 feet yachts, Citation 10 personal jets, 15 million dollar art auction purchases and all the other little bare necessities of life.

What’s the saying?  – “I was born at night, but not last night”.