General Holder Rallies the Troops

Posted on June 5, 2012


You remember seeing this fascinating little piece of video a few years back?

Today is voting day in California and Wisconsin. The voters in Wisconsin have a ‘Golden’ opportunity to prove that they possess a vastly higher I.Q. Than the voters on California. O.K., marginal at least. That is if they vote to keep Scott Walker in the Governor’s Mansion.

Another thing Wisconsin and Cali have in common today, is that Federal officials will be poking their noses into the voting process. Atty. General ‘Fast and Furious’ Eric Holder is sending some clowns down to Milwaukee and out to Oakland and Bakersfield to see to it that no Klu Klux Klan members try to trick Blacks into voting for Republicans and that no Spanish speaking Whites posing as Hispanics try to bribe Latinos not to vote by offering Tamales and a case of Budweiser.

Federal ‘observers’ are going to be on hand in Alameda, Fresno and Riverside County in California; Cibola and Sandoval Counties in New Mexico, Shannon County in North Dakota. They’ll also be in Milwaukee – or as Alice Cooper properly pronounces it in accordance with its Algonquin Indian tribal origins, ‘Meel-o-walk-a’.

Why am I not terribly confident in the ability of General Holder to competently supervise a effort to ensure fair voting, free of intimidation? He seems to be impartial only to the extent that the violations don’t involve ‘Community Organizers’ – one of which we have illegally occupying the White House and Black Panther activists.

In case you haven’t heard, there was a piece of legislation passed by Congress in 1965, called the ‘Voting Rights Act’. This was and is an example of a piece of legislation that arguably might have had some relevance at the time, during Jim Crow, in remedying abusive practices by officials in the South and elsewhere, that played little Three Card Monte games with Blacks, making it nearly impossible to cast a vote. It is also a piece of legislation which should have had a sunset provision.  It is irrelevant in 2012 – just like Labor Unions.

General Holder has used this law as a pretense to overreach. One example of this is in Riverside County where his agency went to court and convinced a Judge to impose a open ended requirement to have all ballot materials and polling information printed in Spanish. Here is an excerpt from the D.O.J’s press release:

Fresno County, Riverside County and the city of Milwaukee are required to provide assistance in Spanish.  Cibola, Sandoval and Shannon Counties are required to provide language assistance to Native American voters.  Alameda County is required to provide language assistance to Hispanic, Chinese, Vietnamese and Filipino voters.

It used to be in America that there was an expectation on the part of society at large, that immigrants, recent or otherwise, were expected to become functional in the common language. At least that was the case when my Father-in-Law came here with his family as a displaced war refugee following World War II. That’s how it used to be.

Welcome to the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Amerika, where having ‘common’ values, common languages and common standards is an infringement on civil rights. Diversity is the ultimate virtue, the Tower of Babel is the desired outcome and assimilation is degrading.

Of course, compared to today’s immigrants, my Father-in-Law had it on easy street. He, his wife and his infant child languished in refugee camps for nearly 6 years in post war Europe before a sponsor became available. The government let no on it except German Rocket Scientists, without a sponsor – who would pay up front every dime that it cost for the refugee to come to this country and all the other government provided services. The refugee at that time, was then in effect, an indentured servant until every penny of the sponsor’s costs were repaid.

As you can imagine, there was an enormous ‘support community’ of Latvians in Tempe, Arizona at the time, so it was cinchy for Pop to learn English. Of course I’m being facetious. Pop and his family learned English like young children learn to swim – by immersion. Actually that’s not a good analogy, because a responsible parent will be standing by in case the little crumb cruncher is not a natural dog-paddler.

No, I think Arturs’ problem was that he was White. There was no ‘racism of low expectations’ applied to him. ‘Sink or swim, buddy – we know you can do it. Which brings to mind a question. Why isn’t holder’s ‘Justice Department’ requiring Milwaukee election officials to provide ballots to the African American community in ‘Ebonic’?

‘Who, YOU be pullin’ fo?