Grin N’ Barrett

Posted on June 6, 2012


Since the conserative news cycle will be awash today in post-mortems discussing the whys, wherefores and implications of the Democratic Chernobyl event ,  I will briefly just toss out some Red meat of my own and try to avoid too much ‘excessive endzone celebration’.   54% to 46% – wow, that was a real squeaker!  Mainstream media exit polls were calling it a tie race before the votes were counted.  I guess a win by 8 percentage points is considered a tie, when the Democrat is losing.  Shout out to Ed Schultz – here’s a kleenex, guy, but don’t ask me to kiss your ‘boo-boo’.  Somebody call a ‘Whaaaaaaaambulance’.

Even before the voting started, Democrats began whining and throwing out accusations of vote tampering for general consumption in an effort to set the narrative for why and to what degree they would lose.  Rumors were circulating that the Republican machine in Milwaukee was calling voters to remind them to vote on Wednesday – or to not worry about showing up to the polls, “if you’ve already registered, that’s all you need to do”.  No facts to support this have been forthcoming, but for the losers, it is pro-forma to call for an investigation.  Investigate this; even if some of this was going on – does it violate any laws?  Really wouldn’t this be something of a public service in winnowing out stupid voters?  Kind of an ‘Electoral Darwinism’.

I noted in yesterday’s post about Holder sending down ‘observers’ from the Feds to Milwaukee to be certain that the New Black Panthers don’t try to intimidate White voters.  Oh, you’re right – that wasn’t the reason.  What was the reason anyway?  Let’s see, could it have been an ’empty gesture’ from the White House to Democrats and Labor Unionists in good ol’ ‘Wisky’?  Perhaps the election observers were proxy for Obama, who didn’t want to personally be on hand to get any of the Bandini that hit the fan on himself.

Weren’t we told that this recall was a referendum on the ‘attack against Unions’?  If that’s the case, then how is it that 38 percent of Union members voted FOR Scott Walker?  Incidentally, that’s approximately the same number of Government Union workers, who once freed from the government enforced obligation to surrender part of their paycheck to mandatory Union dues, have now opted out.

Naturally the high Mucky-mucks in the Unions are a little panicky now – given the realization that a lot less money is going to be coming in from the rank and file with which to bribe Democrat politicians and to pimp policies that grow government and enrich Unions. It can’t help that now they are looking at even less cha-ching in the old political kitty because they blew so much money trying to get rid of the Governor.

Democrats have recently added a couple of mantras to their typical drone about unfairness.  One is that the GOP  (and by extension, its constituent base) is destroying the Middle Class.  In the progressive lexicon, the expression ‘Middle Class’ has essentially become a transliteration of Labor union worker.  Working Class has a similar, but more longstanding connotation.  When you trim back the excessive Cadillac benefits and pensions (I call it ‘Cadillac Surgery’), to a sustainable and manageable arrangement, you are ‘tearing this state apart’.  That’s another silly sound bite that has been repeated ad nauseum in this recall debacle.

That is a particularly ironic bit of political rhetoric.  Democrats in the State Senate flee the state during sessions of the legislature and go into hiding.  Unions orchestrate belligerent, disruptive and in some cases violent massive protests – even bringing in hyper partisan Ed Schultz of MSNBC to act as the flame thrower for their propaganda.  Death threats are routinely issued.  All this, but it is the opposition that is ‘tearing the state apart’.  You see this is how they operate.  If they don’t get their way – you are the culprit and the shredder of the social fabric.  Democrats don’t seem to be in the least bit conflicted about how they have the politics of California in a death grip.  “Well that’s because our policies are good for a state” Not judging by the results, they aren’t.   The image here is Phil Hartman’s characterization of the Frankenstein monster on SNL.  “Democrat GOOOOOOD!  GOP, BAAAAAAAD!”