Der Fuehrer ist froelich – nein doch!

Posted on June 10, 2012


Hitler is not a happy camper-wagen.  Things didn’t go in Wisconsin und California quite the way he had planned.  Maybe he needs to do a roadie to get back some farfegnugen.   I’m told by aficionados, that the movie ‘Downfall’ has been for a number of years, a favorite vehicle for superimposing satire in place of the actual English subtitles.  This is the first of them that I have seen, and if it got any funnier than this, I’m not sure I could handle it.

There’s one segment in there where there are a bunch of worried ‘volk’ standing in the hallway and the camera pans to an attractive Aryan damsel wearing a ‘Dirndl’ oufit.  My but I just find that very appealing.  The only other get ups that peg the meter for me at that level are Cheerleader outfits and Parochial school girl uniforms.  It’s Freudian perhaps.  Don’t ask me or any other guy to explain it.  We cant.

I guess, all I can tell you is that maybe don’t send this to any liberals you might know who are still sore over the not so subtle butt kicking they got last Tuesday.

Some will dispute whether Unions are actually dead, but it would be perfectly O.K. with me if they would also head down to Brazil and Argentina and take ‘Der Fuehrer’ with them.