Rape a Kid, Go to Hell

Posted on June 11, 2012


By now, some of you have seen or heard of this story, but I wanted to venture a few comments on it. First of all, I’m reminded of the passage in Luke 17, in which Jesus is using young children as an illustrated sermon. He warns that if anyone should offend one such as these, it would be better for them to have a millstone tied around their neck and tossed into the sea. If he were giving that teaching today, I think he’d substitute Shiner, Texas for the millstone.

I looked at some of the videos of the story being reported by the local news, but I decided to go with a narrative from a gentleman who posts on Youtube calling himself ‘Propaganda Buster’.  I prefer the moral clarity displayed here to the tentativeness of the news broadcasts who are journalistically and surrealistically, obligated to include the phrase, ‘alleged attacker’.

No doubt there are some equivocating, effete, high-minded moralizers (of the type that reside in San Fran or West L.A.), that would disdain the father’s actions as vigilantism or street justice. Cut me a big, fat slice of break – pleeeeeese! But there are such people. It’s hard to imagine that they exist, but they do. It’s also hard to imagine them substituting the primal rage of a parent whose child is in jeopardy to murder or sexual assault (which I place in the same category), adopting a rational mode of alerting the ‘properly constituted authorities’.

They don’t entertain any of those emotionally detached abstractions in Red State America. The law considers an enraged parent in the heat of defending a family member – especially a child, as an extension of, and primary instrument of law enforcement first response. You can tell that the Sheriff down there in Shiner, thinks of the dad’s actions in a totally un-ambigious perspective with respect to how justice was meted out. I’m sure the thought has also crossed his mind that the father saved his deputies the job of personally handling that garbage and his jail from having to hold it.

It is also clear that the majority of Americans don’t see any fuzzy gray areas in this story. It validates people’s personal convictions that often arise when people discuss what ‘they would do if someone messed with their kid’.

So, with that in mind – we at Blasted Fools, do hereby award this father the ‘Anti -Blasted Fools Award of Parental Valor and Meritorious Conduct’. It’s what Elvis would have called ‘Takin’ Care of Business’. It’s what Larry the Cable Guy would call ‘Gettin’ er’ Done’.

Don’t Mess with Texas – or her parents!