They Walk Among Us

Posted on June 20, 2012


One of the lingering problems that plagues society in this great nation is the legal status of the mentally disturbed.  Back before the advocacy of anarchy became a leg of the progressive stool, we took a protective approach to folks with acute psychological issues.

Having majored in Psychology, I have a special perspective on this and understand the origins of our present day challenges.  To be perfectly frank, institutions for the mentally unbalanced have earned a sordid reputation in the previous several centuries, especially based on many documented cases of egregious treatment of patients.   ‘One Flew Over the Co-coo’s Nest’ is a prime cultural reference for this.  But through awareness, legal action and legislative reforms, much of this is past history – thankfully.

The reason that the civilized among us must be subjected to the hysterical manifestations of paranoid schizophrenia that pose as ‘political activism,’ is on account of the tireless work of the ACLU.  These hyper-aggressive menaces to society are desperately in need of counseling and treatment, but authorities and judges are unwilling to provide us the protection we (and they) need and deserve.

I cite the above video as Exhibit A, for the court’s consideration.  We have a Congressman assembling a group of nice children from the elementary school, who were prohibited from singing a patriotic anthem at their promotion ceremonies and out come the whacks.

If you think I’m being facetious, let me ask you a question.  What person in a sane and ordered frame of mind would scream at children and tell them that they are going to ‘Burn in Hell’?  This is anti-social expression that really can’t be explained in any other way than these are individuals with decidedly high levels of paranoia and dementia.

One of the other facets of psychological imbalance is the tendency of the individual to display the trait of ‘transference’.  Transference is the behavior in which the person possessing a motive, accuses others of having that same motive.   So, for instance, you’ll hear certain phrases repeated that are entirely out of context with anything.  Anything, that is – other than the prime motives of the accusers themselves.  Phrases like ‘racism’, ‘hate speech’, ‘intolerance’.

A complication that arises from these individuals not being institutionalized, is that the behavior of the afflicted is contagious.  People that are ill-informed, ignorant or merely irrational, can pick up the fever and fervor of the mentally diseased, and mimic the symptoms themselves.

Especially unfortunate are the incidents such as these, where children become the object of these individuals’ disordered mental functioning.  I can assure you that none of the antagonists that you see in this video, have children in this school.  The event simply proved to be more of an attraction for their deranged and psychotic obsessions than they were capable of resisting.

The mention of God or Jesus, the display of the American Flag, the singing of patriotic anthems and the sight of a Military recruiting office, all push these people beyond their limits of coping.  I call it aggravated ‘Patriotiphobia’.

If you’re still skeptical about my assertions as to what is behind this deplorable public conduct, watch the video all the way through, up to and including the last few seconds of footage.  Proof positive.  Totally barmy.