Turn by Turn Directions for Freedom

Posted on July 5, 2012


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My guest contributor, for today is a gentleman who has had a hand in some very crucial and exciting events in America’s history over the last 6 decades.  Some of my readers know him from a couple of posts I’ve written – including ‘A Patriot Honors His Oath‘.

For more details on Mr. Jim Eblen , his accomplishments and experiences, I highly recommend a look at that post.



Where do we go from here?

July 3 2012

There are many books and countless e-mails lamenting about what has happened to “We the People”. Depending on the latest lament, we have lost our freedom or we are on the verge of losing our freedom. Most have asked why or how this has come to us. The answer to these questions is we have allowed ourselves to be lulled to sleep and we have let others mind our business. Fact of life: Let others mind your business and soon it will be their business.  

On June 28, 2012, Chief Justice Roberts told us: Dummies get off your butts. It is your Nation, protect it. Our Founding Fathers knew this nation could not remain free unless they designed a rigid set of laws that must be obeyed. They designed and approved the necessary set of laws required to keep this nation free. However, it was and is up to each succeeding generation to ensure those laws are retained and obeyed. Justice Roberts was wrong.

According to the XVI amendment Congress has the ability to tax only incomes. Then in Section 8 of Article 1 Congress has the ability to tax Duties, Imposts and Excises. However, these Duties, Imposts, and Excise tax shall be uniform throughout the United States. No way can Obamacare taxes be uniform throughout the United States. Therefore, the decision made by Justice Roberts, in and of its self is unconstitutional. This latest decision by the Supreme Court proves the court is not supreme. The nine justices are flawed and cannot be trusted to obey the Constitution as written. The majority has violated their trust and must be impeached.

After the last Presidential election I started to study the Constitution. I took on this task for two reasons. The first reason was very personal. The second one was to determine if the officials in Washington D.C. were domestic enemies of the Constitution, as I suspected. After a complete analysis I determined, in both instances, my suspicions were correct. On January 10 2012 Outskirts Press published my analysis. The book is entitled “In Defense of the Constitution: An Analysis”, and can be ordered from Outskirts Press or all good book stores. Based on the events of this past week the book is looking prophetic. 

In my first instance my analysis determined I did not know as much as I thought about the Constitution. The result cost me several million dollars. True the attorneys were less than honest, but they just took advantage of a golden opportunity. In the second instance the Founding Fathers were almost perfect. They missed on only two occasions.

  1. The original Constitution did not adequately describe the definition of “A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.”
  2. They compromised with themselves about slavery. This problem was not corrected until 1866 and 1868. Even though slavery was abolished just after the civil war, full acceptance was not realized until after 1964, a full century later. As a result, a lot of bitterness and rancor has remained. President Lincoln was aware of this problem and he was working to solve it, but he was shot before any action could be taken. Today any proposed action is not valid. The bitterness and rancor remain, but without just cause. The erroneous action has been corrected – MOVE ON. Except for those engrossed with any and all the ism’s, there is no racism in this nation. To those that claim there is racism, please move back to the country of your forefathers, live there until all bitterness and rancor has been destroyed in you, and only then may you return to the land of milk and honey. – THE U.S. OF A. 

Then in the spring of 1913, the elites eager for power started the destruction of the Constitution, with Amendments XVI and XVII. When the federal government was given the authority to collect taxes without regard to the several states, holes were shot in the Ninth and Tenth Amendments of the “Bill of Rights”. Fraud was committed to ratify the Sixteenth Amendment. (See proof in the book “The Law That Never Was.”) As long as the federal government was required to receive annual funding from the several states, by necessity Congress and the President were controlled by the people through the several states.

The same reason was true with the Seventeenth Amendment. Senators were no longer controlled by the people through their state legislatures. Now the barn doors were wide open enabling the elites to run free. The ensuing hundred years has allowed greater power for the elites with a corresponding loss of freedom by the people and their several states.

After one hundred years to try the repeal of the two faulty amendments, it may be a long and arduous task with a high likelihood of failure. Building a tight fence with very narrow limits around these same amendments will have a higher degree of success. This calls for at least one new amendment to restrict the ability for the federal government to tax the people. 

In addition, we must form a new political party in the coming 4 years. I recommend it be called Constitutional – Conservative Party. This will mean new leaders. Ones that carry the RED WHITE & BLUE flag – not white ones.