Liberal Racism – Black pushback

Posted on July 10, 2012



Editor’s Note:

Allen West is making some points about the nature of liberalism / progressivism that the political media don’t want to acknowledge because the reality does not fit their narrative. Since Blasted Fools is hosting opinions from talented writers, who bring uniquely individual expertise to certain topics we cover, I thought you would appreciate this perspective from another Black conservative who illuminates the points that Lt. Colonel / U.S. Congressman Allen West is making in the video clip. My personal thanks goes to Mr. Richard Couch, my colleague on Freedom Connector, the author of today’s post.


I said, and I continue to say, that in present-day America, the primary repository of hatred and bigotry is the Left Wing and the Democrat Party.

Does that mean that these characteristics and behaviors are not found on the Right? It most certainly does not; however, they are to be found much more often and are much more intensely manifested on the Left. I will attempt to explain what I mean by this. First, we’ll need some definitions (these are all from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary):

hatred (noun):
1(a). intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury. (b) extreme dislike or antipathy.
2 : prejudiced hostility or animosity

bigotry (noun):
1. the state of mind of a bigot
2 . acts or beliefs characteristic of a bigot

bigot (noun):
a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.

Now that we have working definitions, I’ll expand on them:

A racial bigot regards and/or treats members of racial groups other than his/her own with hatred and intolerance.
A religious bigot regards and/or treats members of religions or faith systems other than his/her own with hatred and intolerance.

In like manner, a political bigot regards and/or treats members of political groups or those who hold political opinions other than his/her own with hatred and intolerance.

Once again, it is my opinion that the most egregious practitioners of political bigotry in America are found on the Left, and the Left in this country is represented by the Democrat Party.

The Democrat Party at one time had a centrist orientation. This is no longer the case; it is unabashedly, stridently Socialist in character, and makes no apologies for being so. In the past seventy-five years, beginning with the election of Franklin Roosevelt in 1933, the Democrat Party has moved steadily toward the left of the political spectrum, and that movement has accelerated in recent years.

As the party has moved left, it has become increasingly elitist, increasingly strident in its rhetoric and increasingly intolerant of points of view other than those espoused by its members. Famous Democrats of the past, such as Harry Truman, John Kennedy, Tip O’Neal and Hubert Humphrey would not recognize the Democrat Party of the present day; in fact, they would be considered Republicans by today’s standards. Moreover, their political viewpoints would get them run out of the party today. Just ask Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman, Democrat stalwarts who have been vilified for not toeing the party line and have been cast into Outer Darkness for their political sins.

As I previously stated, Democrats and American Leftists of today are highly intolerant of any point of view than their own. One of the tackier examples of this intolerant behavior was the Wellstone Memorial of 2002.…

Senator Trent Lott (R-MS), who at the time was Minority Leader, was booed as he entered the venue where the memorial was held. On the other hand, Former Democrat VP Walter Mondale was cheered when he entered the building. Boos and cheers are hardly appropriate for a memorial service under any circumstances, and had the political roles been reversed, there would have been a tremendous hue and cry over the matter. But in the world of political bigotry, intolerance and bad behavior are considered acceptable behavior, since those of opposing points of view are to be treated with contempt.

Then there’s the example of Howard Dean’s description of Republicans as “evil” and “brain-dead.” This comment borders on being childish, but it is in my view another example of viewing people of a different political stamp as objects of contempt. Substitute “Republicans” for the ethnic group of your choice, and I’ll leave it to you to guess the results, but it’s acceptable behavior for prominent Democrats to refer to their political opponents in these terms. One can only imagine the news stories that would arise from a similarly prominent Republican making such comments about Democrats.

There are other examples, such as the ones previously mentioned here: the sickening comments made on the deaths of Tony Snow and Tim Russert. Similar invectives have been used in reference to Ronald Reagan and Charlton Heston’s Alzheimer’s Disease. Making fun of someone—anyone—with this terrible affliction is worse than contemptible behavior, and I personally hope that anyone who does make fun of Alzheimer’s patients finds a special corner of Hell reserved just for them (George Clooney should be the first to go), but it would appear that it is acceptable behavior for Democrats and American Leftists to use any means at their disposal to ridicule, lampoon and lambast beetlebrowed, slobbering, kuckle-dragging conservatives.

Hatred and intolerance, as displayed by Democrats and American Leftists, who see their political opponents less as persons, but obstacles on the way to their imagined Utopia—obstacles which must be destroyed at any cost and by any means. What would happen if a conservative made fun of a prominent Democrat with Alzheimer’s? I leave it to you to guess.

The political bigots on the Left predictably display venomous, ghoulish glee at misfortunes of conservatives. You don’t see this behavior from those on the Right directed at those on the Left. Can you name for me an example of someone on the Right reacting with delight at the death of Paul Wellstone?

Can you name me an example of someone on the Right expressing pleasure at the news of Elizabeth Edwards’ cancer? Can you tell me about someone on the Right being happy about the news of Ted Kennedy’s brain tumor? If you can find examples of this kind of behavior from the Right, I’d like to hear about it, but I doubt if you can find it.

The sewer of political intolerance flows primarily from left to right; you’ll find some backwaters in the other direction, but there aren’t that many of them.

– Richard Couch