Rapanations Part Deux

Posted on July 17, 2012


I don’t think I explained the title ‘Rapanations’ in the last piece I wrote with that title. Rapanation is a transliteration of the word reparation into ebonics, or ‘ghetto’ speak. It of course, refers to the broad concept that Blacks are entitled to compensation for every instance of racism, the entire history of slavery and all misfortunes encountered in the history of their ancestors in this country. I thought we already paid out on that – or what was the 12 Trillion spent on the ‘War on Poverty’ for, anyway? That the word sounds similar to ‘Rape-A-Nation’ is perhaps merely unintended irony. 

Saturday Night in J’Ville – Jacksonville, Florida to y’all, finds a considerable segment of the ‘yoot’ demographic that actually is likely to vote for Obama – if they can obtain voting registration assistance from the Democrat Party, out and about and engaging in some lighthearted adolescent hijinks. For a better sense of this, which defies my usual sublime powers of description – take a look for yourself.

Forget the old fashioned, (at this point), notion that children don’t need two parents anymore. It appears that they don’t need any. I wouldn’t even disrespect a pack of wolves or any other undomesticated animals including those in the lower rungs of the primate species by accusing them of having raised these cretins. Well, that’s a bit extreme. Actually the ‘yoots’ that are depicted in this not ready for prime time feature are the newest crop of kids with ‘two dads’. The two dads are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. No, make that 3 dads – California is in process of making such a parental arrangement legal. Add Barack Obama to the parental manage. 

The store that is being terrorized by this mob is Wal Mart, in case you didn’t recognize it. The Florida Times-Union describes the events of the evening following the jungle antics at Wal Mart:  

Officers were called just before 10 p.m. on a report of a “large house party,” calling in more units to provide crowd and traffic control, according to the police report. As police were clearing the scene, an officer was alerted to a gunshot victim at Shands Jacksonville who had been shot in the right leg as he was leaving the party.

The 20-year-old Lem Turner Road resident told police he heard several gunshots as he reached Sampson and Percy roads, so he started running. He stumbled and fell, which is when he realized he had been shot. He said he didn’t see a gun or anyone who could have shot him since “the crowd of people was so large,” according to the report.

Officers at the scene as well as residents who live nearby didn’t report hearing any shots.

Several hundred people who left the “massive house party” moved on to the Walmart about 11:20 p.m., and more shots were fired there, according to a second police report. Officers dispatched to the store found out that it had been mobbed, with produce being thrown. The incident report made no reference to any thefts.

No identifiable Walmart employee is seen intervening during the video, which ends with at least one person yelling “Hey, let’s go to Wendy’s” in the parking lot. Gunshots were apparently fired into the air outside the store, but no cars or people were hit, according to the police report. A store security scanner at the front door was damaged.

That the incident report made no reference to any thefts, probably has a two fold explanation. One is that the store is still reviewing inventory reports prior to the incident and the second is that considering the racial make up of the mob – they couldn’t be firmly classified as thefts. This is affirmative action hooliganism.


Now don’t just stand there looking stupid at me.  Get out there and getcha’ sum!