President Obama – you DID build this

Posted on July 25, 2012


with a little help from your friends

President Obama, you DID build this…but you didn’t do it all by yourself.

Obama’s comments on the campaign trail, telling the audience that he’s of the belief that the business owner wasn’t the prime mover behind the creation of his or her enterprise, has had incredible traction, both in terms of shelf life and potential for controversy.

It has, one can reasonably say, eclipsed any ill considered comment that Mitt Romney has made in his entire 5 or 6 years seeking the GOP nomination. I don’t need to re-quote his (Obama’s) comments for you – you probably have it burned into your frontal lobes at this point.

I wanted to address this arrogant and horrific affront to the millions of Americans who have put everything on the line and rolled the dice, knowing that if they failed, they could lose it all.  I’m not talking about the fat cats on Wall Street, the cronies and rent seekers who leverage their connections to Washington and no matter how their bet falls, can rely on ‘the best government that money can buy’.

No, I’m standing up for the entrepreneurs, the start up people, the small businesses that do the heavy lifting in this economy. But, I wanted to come at it from a fresh perspective if at all possible. Oddly enough, I was not even brainstorming when this epiphany alighted upon my gray matter. No, I was just thinking aloud, in the presence of some close friends at dinner, when this image popped into my mind, of a slum in Chicago, or Detroit, or Palm Beach (yes, there are some of the most horrific slums there and you might think I’m joking, unless you’ve seen them) or Los Angeles.

Obama has a record of achievement that I’m sure he’d like to share with others, especially his colleagues in the Democrat party. In fact, the things he’s built that we will credit him with – probably he’d prefer that others take full credit for. I’m going to accommodate him. We’re going to give everyone involved, their due.

Inner City unemployment, crime, hopelessness and slums. Here we have Obama standing proudly on the foundation that others have built and adding his own accomplishments. Franklin Delano Roosevelt got the ball rolling originally. It’s not widely known, because liberals control the narrative of recent history through their death grip on academia and mass media, but there were widespread slums in Washington D.C. going all the way back to the FDR.era. None of his New Deal programs had any effect on eradicating them, in fact the opposite was true, they grew exponentially and not just in D.C. but all over the country.  Where welfare programs go, slums, ghettos and barrios follow.

The Welfare State eroded the work ethic, morals and family stability of all those it touched, from its very inception. It is ironic that while Democrats now applaud the abolition of slavery, not only was their party, the party of slavery, but was also the party of resistance to the emancipation of slaves.  If Blacks could no longer be held in a position of servitude, perhaps they could serve another purpose. They could be coaxed to become recipients of government enforced wealth transfers in exchange for fulfilling the role of  a growth engine in Democrat voter registration, thus fueling an electoral realignment.

Simple reality is that they moved off one plantation and marched directly on to another one.  In this social plan, the Black has been shown his ‘place’ by the Democrats, and predictably following the pull of the lowest common denominator of human nature, has willingly accepted that place. If ever there was a social plan created to fulfill the earnest desires of racists, the Welfare State has to be it.

Then came LBJ and the next phase of massive government expansion in social programs – this time called, the ‘Great Society’. More welfare and government housing, more ghettos and urban crime.  A succession of Democrat politicians, most notably Ted Kennedy – leading up to the present day, have expanded the nightmare of the Urban existence, while promising to alleviate it.  Here we are in 2012, with Obama, who made a lot of promises to Blacks and other minorities, which have all turned out to be empty.

The former ‘Community Organizer’ is now more focused on golfing opportunities and planning vacations at the taxpayer’s expense than to dwell on such trivial matters as the Black unemployment rate (officially) at 14.4 percent and rising. The real world numbers are staggeringly higher. Obama got a sweetheart deal on a home from Tony Resko, so what does he care about Resko’s slums?  Crime in Chicago, Obama’s adopted home town, is out of control – even under the expert hand of Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s former White House Chief of Staff.

More and more Americans of all races and social classes are on government assistance during Obama’s watch and millions are being forced out of their homes by the same Banksters that gladly took Federal bailouts.  Mr. President, you built that, but you didn’t build it on your own. You had help from Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.  You had help from the Democrats in Congress that met you with open arms in 2009.

Mr. President, you now preside over a mountain of debt that you added onto the pile that your predecessors built, but you didn’t do it alone. You had help. Your friends at the Federal Reserve pitched in to assist you by printing Trillions of dollars to purchase Treasury Bonds backing up the stimulus bombs known as QE1, QE2, QE3 and soon to be … QE4?  When will the completion date be for the total cratering of the American economy?  Will you be there to take pride in your ownership of this?  Will the TARP bailout recipients including Bank of America, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, AIG and all the rest line up next to you to bask in their share of the glory?

Mr. President, you built inflated energy costs for Americans, while at the same time, handing out loans to failed ‘green energy’ cronies. Happily, you can share credit with the environmental lobby and its cohorts in Congress, who together with you, oppose development of America’s abundant domestic resources of Natural Gas and new oil deposits – not to mention Nuclear, which continues to grow in Europe, China and India.

Mr. President, you built a monopolized monstrosity called Obamacare, which will reduce the quality and increase the cost of healthcare, plus situate and entrench the very large corporations that were invited to the table to craft this colossal piracy. Mussolini would high five you on this. You did build it, but this time with Big Insurance, Big Healthcare and Big Pharma  joining you at the buffet. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

How about our open borders, with the national security risk, the uptick in crime, the degradation of the wage scale for our legal, low skilled workers and the erosion of our language and culture?  I give you your fair share of credit, but you’re not the only one with a skin in the game. Every Administration for the past 52 years has deemed border security and their responsibilities under the Constitution, either a petty nuisance or a matter of trivia.

But in 2012, you cannot feign ignorance of the threat of disease, crime, violent drug syndicates or terrorists using our borders as a giant welcome mat. Again, you have partners in this endeavor – the National Council of La Raza, the United Chamber of Commerce, the Southern Poverty Law Center, LULAC, George Soros, Democracy Alliance,, America Coming Together, America Votes, The Center for American Progress, AFL-CIO, Marriott Hotels, the American Immigration Lawyer’s Association, the American Nursery and Landscape Association, the CATO Institute (Libertarian Think Tank!), Texas Cattle Association, New Democratic Network, Grover Norquist (yes, that Grover Norquist and his Americans For Tax Reform!) and …well, Mr. President, there are so many others pimping Open Borders and Amnesty that maybe you should host an awards ceremony!  Wait for it.

Mr. Obama, you can’t claim that the outcomes shown here were unintended by you.  If they weren’t, you would have changed course and governed differently.  As it is, the old saying by the famed Black comedianne, ‘Moms’ Mabley, applies:

“Keep on doing what you’ve always been doing, and you’ll keep getting what you’ve always been getting”.

I’m sure my readers can think of much more that you have ‘built’ with the help of many other ‘somebody’s that made that happen’.