Moore Sarandon Baloney

Posted on August 2, 2012


Two Left halves of a Twix Bar.

It never ceases to amaze me that people will cough up money to go hear some whining windbags pontificate on subjects that they have no grasp of.  This only happens when the windbags happen to be actors, filmmakers and/or celebrities.  I refer to the report detailing an empty headed gab session between the propagandist and alleged documentary producer Michael Moore and the red-headed ding-a-ling whose worst acting role is the one she plays in real life – someone who knows their tail end from a drain pipe – Susan Sarandon.

And Michael Moore.  Where does one start?  If anything sums it up, it is his notion that Matt Damon should run for President.  Whaaaat?

Sarandon and Moore yakked it up at the Traverse City Opera House during the Traverse City Film Festival.  This is a misuse of an Opera house if ever there was one.  The only person I want to hear projecting their voices at fortissimo volume in an Opera house is someone singing Puccini, Mozart or Wagner, thank you very much.   Tosca, yes – talking heads?  No thanks.

Traverse City Michigan, is not quite the trendy little cluster of progressivism in the Midwest that it once was, but there remains a contingent that comes out of the woodwork when events like a Film Festival arrives in town.   I’ve met some of these folks.  They are your typical White Wine and Brie bunch.  Nice enough in general, but don’t bring politics into the discussion.

CBS reports on this confab between the two:

Their one-on-one discussion at the Traverse City Opera House was a mixture of show biz talk and political war stories, including descriptions of frightening encounters with hecklers that brought Sarandon to tears.

“It’s very scary to have that much hatred from a stranger,” she said, wiping her eyes with a tissue as she recalled being cursed and called a “commie” by a passerby while nursing her baby son.   Another time, she said, someone shouted “You should die” from a car as she walked with one of her children.

Moore gave Sarandon’s hand a consoling pat and praised her for risking unpopularity by being politically active, drawing a standing ovation from the packed crowed.

Ahhh, here – let me kiss your boo-boo.  Ms. Sarandon, pardon me for asking, but why are you so surprised that people might react vocally to you when you spout all your condescending ‘blame America’ progresso-babble?  What do you think they should say to you?  “Oh, Miss Sarandon, I just adore your movies and would you please keep reminding me how much you despise my American Tribal values?”

Drama Queen would be an understatement.

Those of you who are still wondering what you should do on election day because you’re not sure if Mitt Romney passes all your conservative litmus tests, need to hear what Michael Moore is telegraphing:

Moore said despite his disappointment, he believes Obama has done some good things. “And I cannot get it in my head to say the words ‘President Romney.’”  Obama “has a conscience. He knows the difference between right and wrong,” Moore said. “And I’m hoping in a second term … he’ll be the Obama that we want him to be.”

The “Obama that we want him to be”.  That’s not only a prediction – it’s also a warning.  Heed it well.